Source: Horn News

CNN has had an embarrassing few weeks to say the least.

After having to retract fake news stories and being outed by James O’Keefe as knowingly pushing the false Trump-Russia narrative for the sake of ratings, it didn’t look like things could get much worse for the failing network – but they just did.

CNN is now not only losing to Fox News and MSNBC in ratings, but they are 13th in line, behind FX, HGTV, The History Channel, Nick-at-Nite and more.

That means more people are tuning into reruns of “Yogi the Bear” and “Full House” than they are Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon. Embarrassing!

As first reported by The Federalist, the cable ratings from the week of June 26-July 2 reveal the ratings dive CNN suffered, and how it not surprisingly corresponds with their ongoing feud with President Donald Trump.

In comparison with their biggest competitors, CNN is way behind. Fox News is led the ratings that week, with 1.82 million viewers, while MSNBC had 1.34 million viewers.

Far below the two leading networks, CNN came in with a horrifyingly low 711,000 viewers. In the past month alone, they have fallen from sixth place in ratings all the way down to unlucky number 13.

And the worst part for CNN – these ratings came before their most recent flub.

CNN executives joined their ratings in stooping low, threatening an average American for making an innocent joke about the ongoing feud between the network and the president.

After an anonymous social media user made a meme of Donald Trump tackling a CNN logo over a wrestlers head, the network executives were so offended, they threatened to publicly identify the person who took credit for creating the image, and forced them to apologize.

The network is significantly suffering, and proving Trump’s nickname for them more valid then ever – they are officially “failing CNN.”

-The Horn editorial team