Amando Flavio

10-year-old Bishop Curry from Texas has invented a wonderful device to stop children dying from heatstroke if forgotten and left behind in cars by their parents.

According to statistics, since 1998, about 712 children have died from heatstroke in the U.S. In all these ugly incidents, their parents forgot and left them behind in the cars, leading to the children’s untimely death.

However, fifth grader Curry, who lives in the city of McKinney, is determined to end this tragedy once and for all in the U.S. and beyond. He has invented a genius device known as Oasis which monitors the temperature inside a car.

Curry invented the little gadget after he learned that his neighbor’s 6-month-old infant had died inside an overheated car. The neighbor had driven the child to town, forgotten him in the hot car, and unknowingly killed the helpless child.

After hearing the sad story, Curry reportedly wanted to invent something that could put a stop to this pressing problem. The Oasis device Curry invented monitors the temperature inside a car. Once it gets to a certain level, the device emits cool air while simultaneously alerting parents and authorities via an antenna that somebody is in dire need of help in their car.

Currently, Curry has created a 3-D clay model of the device. Curry needs money to patent his invention as well as build prototypes so that they could properly be tested.

His father has set up a GoFundMe account to help his son achieve his dream. As of writing, the initiative had received nearly $50,000, far exceeding the $20,000 initial target. You can also donate the little you have to help save lives by clicking here.