The Trump administration is revealing who we really are.

(Stuart Cooke via A country whose government – intentionally or not –  exists primarily to benefit an international group of elites. This is not a conspiracy. It’s a natural grouping founded upon shared cultural and mutual self interest. All out in the open.

Let’s look at just two major endeavors of government:

The Economy

After being elected to “drain the swamp,” Trump brazenly hires multiple Goldman-Sachs executives, and even says out loud that he doesn’t want “poor people” in cabinet positions. Outrageous.

But let’s not forget; Obama (and the ever fighting congress) bailed out the auto industry and the big banks, calling them too big to fail. Meanwhile, failing to regulate monopolies, oligopolies, nor taking the opportunity of this era to create a substantive, green energy jobs economy, which could raise a manufacturing sector from the ashes. Not to mention raise the quality of life for the planet and our grandchildren.

But keep going… Go back to every administration prior, all the way to Kennedy, and you see self interested parties benefiting the rich over the poor to a great extent. After WW2, we had a fairly progressive tax system. Since Reagan it was chipped away down to very little.

The reason we have such a disparity between rich and poor in this country today is due to government policy, and specifically, where and how we spend whose tax dollars.  The money lenders of Christian fame rule the roost.

Foreign Policy – Peace in the Middle East:

When we send an ambassador – whether it’s a good person, someone brilliant, experienced and humane – what difference does that make compared to sending Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, whose only qualification seems to be that he married Ivanka?

Jared’s strategy is the same as everyone else we’ve sent in the past 50 years; announce an initiative, have meetings, and end with no results.

Over and over again.

Why? The US refuses to withdraw its unconditional support for Israel. The US refuses to stop sending military aid to Israel. The US refuses to stop the growth of settlements on occupied territory.

It’s followed this policy consist since the 1940s. Never once has the US stood up to the egregious human rights violations perpetrated by the Israelis. Not once.

While the US has done some good things to reduce tensions overseas, it’s also produced a lot of them itself. When a George Bush creates total chaos in the world, how do you get back from that?

But we refuse to discuss what we did in Iraq, and all those people who died. All those children who died. All those soldiers coming home brain dead from their actions, and we don’t take care of them.

The list goes on — from police brutality, our massive prison complex, and failing education systems of the richest country in the world, built on the backs of an arguable genocide, and the racial enslavement of a people.

Despite all this, the gift of human freedom, which the United States gave the world — the hope of mankind, no longer exists. We’ve regressed.

This painful, poisonous state of our nation (which we refuse to face, fix, or heal from one administration to the next), is exposed in shocking clarity with Trump’s election. The shocked response to it from one half of the country, and the continued equally passionate support of his minority electorate.