Source: Horn News

As a senior White House adviser and former campaign manager for Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway regarded as both brilliant and quick on her feet.

CNN’s “New Day” host Chris Cuomo just found that out the hard way.

Conway made an appearance on his show Monday, and for 30 minutes straight she dropped truth on Cuomo that left the liberal host stunned — and has Trump supporters standing up and cheering.

Cuomo, seemingly overwhelmed, frequently interrupted Conway in the middle of her point. Things are a lot different on CNN when you can get a smart conservative that can answer back, huh Cuomo?

The two clashed over Eric Trump’s meeting with a Russian ambassador in 2016, which CNN has been drooling over. Conway also straightened out Cuomo on Trump’s recent chat with Russian President Vladimir Puntin.

“Did [Trump] say ‘I know you did it, stop?’ Or did he ask ‘did you do it, Mr. Putin?’ Which is it?” Cuomo demanded on Conway.

“Chris, let’s back up. So, you’re saying… you used the word ‘squishy,’ which, itself, is unusual to describe the president’s state of mind. Somehow that makes people on CNN insist that the president is never going to raise this with Putin!?” Conway smartly responded.

“It’s not about CNN. It’s about what the president said, Kellyanne,” Cuomo replied.

“No. It’s about people stating things that they want America to think are facts. Aren’t you the least bit reluctant, if not embarrassed that you now talk about Russia more than you talk about America?” Conway asked.


You can see the full 30-minute appearance of Conway below —