(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) While Planned Parenthood praises the Netflix series “GLOW” for its “authentic depiction of abortion,” a pro-life activist is showing what an authentic abortion truly looks like.

Netflix Attempts to Normalize Planned Parenthood Abortion While Group Shows Humanity

A show about women’s wrestling, “GLOW” depicts Ruth Wilder facing an unplanned pregnancy, visiting Planned Parenthood, and receiving what the provider called in a press release a “safe, legal abortion.”

Planned Parenthood Federation of America worked with the creators of “GLOW” to ensure the abortion was “depicted accurately.” But the episode does not show the abortion procedure, and in the next episode her life continues normally without discussion of recovery, which The Federalist called “unrealistic.”

They also did not accurately depict what happens to the baby during an abortion, which is what Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, is doing this week.

Scheidler’s “They Were Our Brothers and Sisters” campaign will display pictures of aborted babies from July 7-15 throughout Chicago, according to The Federalist. He said this campaign will take a different approach than pro-life groups have used in the past.

“My staff and I combed through hundreds of abortion photos to find those that would most highlight the humanity of abortion’s unborn victims,” Scheidler wrote in The Federalist. “Rather than emphasizing the blood and gore of the abortion procedure, these images focus closely on particular features of these children—a face, a foot, two hands. They are intended to evoke sympathy.”

Planned Parenthood officials are using “GLOW” to advocate for their political agenda.

“With reproductive health under constant attack from politicians, it’s more important than ever for the public to see storylines about abortion that are accurate, authentic, and respectful of women’s experiences,” said Caren Spruch, director of arts and entertainment engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “To reduce the stigma and silencing that many women experience, we must replace misinformation with facts and support honest, authentic portrayals of the women who make this decision.”

But Scheidler wants to avoid the politics of abortion during his campaign and focus on “appeals to the hearts of passersby.”

“While the images in our new display remain disturbing, the emphasis has been shifted to the lost lives of these children, rather than the shocking ugliness of abortion. They invite viewers to consider abortion not just as a political controversy or moral question, but as a real, human tragedy, with victims who deserve our sympathy,” he said.

While waiting in the lobby of the Planned Parenthood, the “GLOW” character Wilder recognizes the humanity of her unborn baby. Wilder’s husband asks if she wants the abortion, to which she responds, “It’s not the right time, not the right baby.”

It’s that child, who was “not the right baby,” that Scheidler hopes he can get abortion advocates to notice.