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Trump: Comey Guilty Of Crime Punishable By Ten Years In Prison

President Trump has slammed former FBI Director James Comey for leaking classified information to the media, describing his actions as “so illegal” and raising the prospect of high-level prosecution.

Trump’s damning verdict comes after a new report declared four of the seven memos that James Comey leaked to the media contained classified information, a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison.

The revelation, reported by The Hill, makes clear that Comey was “either incompetent or lying” when he claimed, during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing last month, that he believed that the information in the memos was unclassified.

It also undermines the former FBI Director’s criticism of Hillary Clinton regarding her decision to keep classified documents after leaving the State Department in 2013.

Officials who reviewed Comey’s leaked memos told The Hill that four of the documents have been marked by the FBI as containing information classified as both “Confidential” and “Secret.”

Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz said Monday that James Comey “went silent” when asked about the leaked memos the former FBI Director wrote about his conversations with President Trump.

The former House Oversight Committee chairman said on Fox & Friends that he called Comey to talk about the memos, but that Comey refused to discuss the documents.

He said he wouldn’t talk about it, he wouldn’t tell me where they were and it really raised a lot of eyebrows as I went back and talked to the staff and other members and said, ‘Look, he’s not going to give these up easily,’ ” Chaffetz said.

With White House leakers on edge and President Trump warning that news leaks are criminal acts, James Comey could become the example Trump needs to set to ensure federal employees understand the consequences of breaking the law.

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The aftermath of James Comey’s controversial firing has already exposed the former FBI Director as a meddling, partisan figure, interfering in federal politics, despite his job description explicitly prohibiting him from doing so. A long stretch in prison would be just desserts for the man who bought shame on a once proud institution.

    July 13, 2017 at 11:31 AM


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