The police officer accurately explained how indignant is that many people are relativizing Familia´s assassination by saying that Bonds was just a victim of the system.

One of the most extraordinary phenomenons of the internet is definitely viral videos, given the fact that in addition to gaining lot of attention, it has become the most efficient way to criticize or point out certain issue. Fortunately, the newest viral video that is making the rounds of the internet, is aiming at leftist hypocrisy.

In this video, an unnamed police offer calls out professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and especially Black Lives Matter activists for their deafening silence on the brutal assassination of New York City cop, and mother of three Miosotis Familia, last week by an alleged anti-cop extremist.

She was shot in the head while sitting in a marked police vehicle by 34-year-old-parolee Alexander Bonds, who reportedly had a history of expressing anti-police views. This included a highly vulgar video rant posted on his Facebook account, where he threatened police officers to stay away from him.

In his 11-minutes rant, Bonds claimed that he cannot understand why black people (he used the N word repeatedly) are so reluctant to want to say something to police officers. Additionally, he insulted them and warned they should keep their distance from him.

Regarding this tragedy, the unnamed officer in his heated video rant asked where the outrage and indignation is over the targeting and murder of a police officer who was doing her job, serving the people of New York City. The officer also asked where’s the thirst for justice from those who protest police shootings of criminals.

The police officer went further and asked “where the hell” are Hollywood celebrities and sports teams wearing NYPD clothes. He also asked where’s the “hand’s up don’t shoot people” and Black Lives Matter activists.

In one part of his video he explained he could never understand why is it every career criminal and every thug gets full attention when they’re shot and killed for threatening others, victimizing people, and breaking the law. In addition, he pointed out the irony that represents how these people become famous and their families millionaires when they are justifiably shot by the police.

The police officer accurately explained how indignant it is that many people are relativizing Familia’s assassination by saying that Bonds was just a victim of the system, when the officer he killed was a mother that was just sitting in a “gang-infested” precinct before he cowardly shot her in the head.

He also expressed his displeasure of how many don’t care about this kind of situation by saying that’s the police’s job, and that people know the risks when they choose this career. He claimed these assertions don’t make sense because it doesn’t eliminate the fact that she was the mother of three children who went to work and never got back home.

After saying these stone cold truths, the unnamed officer claimed he can’t see or hear celebrities protesting about this terrible incident. However, he pointed out that even when they remain silent every time a police officer is killed by someone who believes in the anti-cop narrative, people can see that reality. Given this fact, he called celebrities and activists to break their silence and do the right thing and support the police.

Officer Familia is survived by her 12-year-old twin son and daughter, her 20-year-old daughter, and her 86-year-old mother, whom she cared for. On Tuesday, thousands of police officers were gathering to honor slain Officer Familia at the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

Nevertheless, this event was terribly interrupted for several minutes after a teenager played the NWA song “F*** Tha Police” out his apartment window. He justified his action by claiming police officers killed his older brother and best friend without cause.

About 20 NYPD officers went to his apartment to ask him to turn off the music. The kid eventually turned off the song only after the building supervisor threatened to kick his family out of the apartment.

At the funeral, hundreds of NYPD officers snubbed New York Major Bill De Blasio in a show of protest over his controversial decision to go to Germany last week in the immediate aftermath of Familia’s assassination.

During his unannounced trip, the Democratic NYC Mayor spoke at a protest against the then ongoing G-20 summit in Hamburg. In one of the rarest moments in U.S. politics, de Blasio used his appearance at the anti-establishment demonstration to laud his police force.

This controversial trip meant that he missed a vigil for the officer, which outraged NYC residents and caught the attention of President Trump, who brutally criticized him through his Twitter account.