Today in Bedminster, New Jersey, the 4 day U.S. Women’s Open golf championship begins. Seen by some as the biggest event in women’s golf, it has even more buzz this year. As with everything associated with his name, there is a lot of buzz, and protest, lately. That name is Trump, as in United States President Donald Trump.

While there is no groundbreaking news, or any controversial statements from the president, at least not lately or about golf, that is not stopping some women’s groups from protesting the golf event from being held at the beautiful, serene Trump National Golf Club.

Unsuccessful in their attempts to get the USGA to move the even to a different location has not stopped the calls from people who seem to still be upset about the November 8th decision by millions of Americans.

Still upset about a leaked audio of President Trump, some women’s groups and Democrat senators attempted to pressure the USGA to move the event. At no point did the golf association seem willing to comply to the demands and teed off today at the course a few miles from its Falls Hills headquarters.

“We’re a golf organization,” said USGA CEO Mike Davis earlier this year. “We’re simply not going to cross that line into politics. We can appreciate that some people do, but we’re a golf association, and we’re sticking to golf.”

The USGA is likely betting that the number of people complaining is much smaller, but much louder, than the number of fans who either do not care about the location, like the president or just want to simply enjoy some golf.

“Holding the tournament on this course sends the exact wrong message,” says Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, an anti-Trump women’s rights group that has been pestering the USGA for months. The group even plans to fly a banner above another golf championship in Wisconsin last month. The banner will supposedly tell the USGA to “take a mulligan, dump Trump.”

“They’re giving millions in revenue, free advertising and branding, to his platform and policies,” Thomas complains, “which repeatedly degrade women, and encourage hate and division.”

These political protests at sporting events do not sit well with the public. Sports are seen as an escape from politics, work and stress. Ask ESPN about its ratings as the very liberal sports network pushed more Democrat talking points than sports opinion.

Years ago, Michael Jordan did not mix sports and politics because he recognized, even Republicans buy shoes, but with ESPN being such a far left network, and the dominant sports network, it is getting harder and harder to keep the two separated.

Not taking heed to the possibility of backlash from conservatives, and moderates, Christine Brennan, USA Today’s veteran columnist, implores President Trump to “please stay away” even after he gets back from his Paris trip. Her plea is supposedly in consideration of the golfers, who Brennan feels Trump will distract from.

“Trump is such a polarizing and controversial figure that it’s safe to say that his presence will offend as many people as it encourages, if not more,” Brennan added.

Call it Trump derangement or snowflake syndrome, it’s real and it has tired out many American voters. This is another made up controversy, “fake news” some may say. Many presidents go to many sporting events, so that argument does not seem to be very sound, or legitimate. That feeling also doesn’t seem to coincide with the muted, golf course-esque quiet from the golfers and fans. The fans, and golfers, are calm, respectful, going about their business and not hyperventilating like the left is.

Some studies show that golf, both men’s and women’s, has a high turnout of conservative fans. So it is very doubtful the USGA wants to irritate, or alienate, those loyal fans who are looking to escape politics and enjoy a weekend of golf.

Even the golfers are not buying in to this hyperbolic demands from activists. Three-time Open winner Inbee Park said she is not surprised.

“I don’t think they will get any advantage from saying whether they agree or disagree, and I mean I don’t really think that really has much to say with me because I think it is really up to him whether he wants to come or not,” Park said.

The #1 women’s golfer Ryu So-yeon, admits she does not follow U.S. politics but gets that playing on a Trump course will bring attention, but takes a very reasonable stance. “I know he’s a huge fan of golf. This is one of the biggest tournaments in U.S. and I strongly say this is best tournament in U.S. and everybody wants to win this tournament and, well, he’s President of U.S. as well, so I think no matter his coming or not, the fact is not going to be changed.”

Danielle Kang said, “We’re here to play a major championship hosted by the USGA,” reminding those questioning the location of why they are all there: golf. She says golfers are definitely going to be more comfortable talking about golf than politics.

Liberals are FORCING other people to be outraged, when fans and players are not. People either do not agree, do not care or do not think it’s relevant to sports. Either way, few are as outraged and losing it like the left is.

I am sure that it drives the liberal media insane that they cannot get these athletes to denounce, and insult the president, like they do at a rate of 93% of the time, but the rest of the public is giving these ladies a golf clap for their focus and courage.