Is it possible that there was once life on the Red Planet?

Could be because astonishing pictures sent by NASA’s Curiosity Rover has fired quite a debate among Ufologists. Experts say the objects in the images are not just common rock formations but rather alien bones on Mars. A YouTube channel named Martian Archaeology, which shows a number of objects and rock formations in its videos, also highlights ‘bones’ and also a type(s) of bacteria.

Two images were taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover appear to show fossilised bones lying on the Red Planet’s surface.

However, since the images used in the video are mostly cloudy and not sharp like most of the images published by Ufologists, the ‘discovery’ remains sensational. Nigel Watson, who penned UFO Investigations Manual, says the real problem is NASA neither supports nor explains such discoveries, which causes people to think that they might be either hiding the presence of aliens or they might be actually working with aliens.