(Zachary Leeman, Lifezette) InfoWars founder and host Alex Jones has made good on his promise to release unedited footage and audio from his recent controversial interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly. Jones released the first bit of audio on Thursday night, with promises of hour-long excerpts to come on Wednesday, July 19.

Despite the actual talk between Jones and Kelly, which lasted hours, her final piece that aired was just 17 minutes long — and only a small fraction of that was dedicated to Jones himself.

TV interview shows typically engage in a great deal of editing after actual interviews take place and before they air — that’s well understood. But it’s already been shown, based on a thorough comparison comparison of the promo for the show with the actual airing, that Kelly re-edited her interview with Jones.

The television host also misrepresented Jones’ comments about the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting — something the interview suggested Jones believed was a conspiracy theory, even though he has released numerous statements saying he believes it did happen.

In the sneak-peak audio and footage released through Jones’ InfoWars channel, one deceptive edit Kelly made is already apparent.

She can be heard — and seen briefly — questioning the vetting process at InfoWars and its coverage of the recent death of Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer.

It’s a lengthy conversation: Jones and Kelly tangle about mainstream media, the responsibility of independent media, and more.

However, Kelly only showed one small bit of that exchange in the final airing — and she chopped it up.

“Well, you know, if you just look at an article and discuss it, it’s garbage in and garbage out, right? If you haven’t ascertained the veracity of that article and it’s all BS and then you spend two hours talking about it, then you’ve put out a bunch of misinformation,” Kelly said to Jones during her final televised report — without showing the conversation leading up to the question. She then cut over a comment made by Jones and spliced in her next comment, saying, “I’m just trying to find out what the vetting process is.”

Jones is then seen saying, “I mean, we all get that Hillary was 15 points ahead, OK? We all get that MSM [the mainstream media] has got a big problem.”


The troubling thing here is that in the unedited audio InfoWars released, Jones actually continued to say, “And you know people have to come listen to me and actually see what I stand for. You know, not sit there and have little cherry-picked … take two weeks to edit it and a bunch of other stuff.”

Without seeing or hearing that fuller conversation and what Jones actually said, it appears as if he had trouble staying on topic; by whittling his answer down, Kelly and her team have deprived the audience of context. Jones can be heard in the audio he released getting up from the interview, frustrated with how things were going — and saying he understood exactly what Kelly was trying to do.

“You guys just don’t get it yet — just like you don’t get Trump,” he said.

Megyn Kelly’s ratings are atrocious and falling week to week. If they are any indication, she has lost the trust of the general public. This may be partly why: In an earlier phone call Jones released, Kelly promised a very different interview than the one that ended up happening. Add this new bit of audio and unsatisfactory interviews with guests such as Russian President Vladimir Putin — and people are wondering why the show is still on the air.

NBC has already reportedly paid millions to Kelly and announced a morning show for her, debuting in September.

No one expected Kelly to air hours upon hours of footage with Jones for her final story. But the editing at the very least suggests some dishonesty. And why not just release the full footage on the web — and let people decide for themselves whether or not the edits constituted honest reporting?