Despite our government’s desperate attempt to keep drugs out of the country, illicit substances are still being smuggled in by various cartel members. One of the ways they are able to bring drugs into the country is by hiding them in things that are manufactured in Mexico, like cars.

For example, drug smugglers are now apparently using fake spare tires to smuggle drugs into the country. According to reports, the DEA recently discovered over 400 pounds of cannabis hidden in several Ford Fusions manufactured in Mexico. Authorities believe the discovery is just the “tip of the iceberg.”

According to reports, an employee at a Ford dealership in Portage County, Ohio noticed a suspicious package in the back of a brand-new Ford Fusion and immediately called the police. When they arrived to investigate, they discovered that the package, which was hidden in a fake spare tire, contained tightly packed cannabis. Upon further investigation, over four hundred pounds of cannabis, worth close to $1 million, was found hidden in fifteen different cars.

Following the discovery, a Ford Motor Company spokesman told reporters, “We’re aware of the situation and are taking it very seriously. We are working with the FBI and Customs on an extensive investigation. We have confirmed that this is not happening at our plant or at our internal shipping yards.”

Officials believe that employees working at Ford’s Hermosillo, Mexico manufacturing plant may be responsible for the drugs. This is because it is located in territory controlled by the Sinaloa cartel, which was run by “El Chapo” Guzman prior to his arrest. Also, since it is located out of the country, it is easier for cartel members to bribe factory workers and avoid detection.

“The plant assembly employees sometimes only make $50 USD a week, leaving a huge window for bribery,” explained an anonymous US Customs broker to reporters, adding, “it’s not unheard of for impoverished foreign nationals to take payoffs, especially since what the cartels can pay may equal a year’s worth of wages or if they threaten the employee or their family.”

On top of that, the source noted that only a small amount of all imports are actually inspected, making it very easy for smugglers to sneak drugs and other things, like firearms, into the country. Specifically, he said, “only 4% of commercial shipments are actually inspected by CBP, leaving a huge opportunity for smuggling drugs, weapons, and people into the United States.”

What’s worse, this is not the first time a discovery like this has happened. Earlier this year, a truck driver moving Ford Fusions found two cars loaded with cannabis. He reported his findings to the police, and after further investigation, similar blocks of cannabis were found in several other brand-new Fusions.

And before that, police officers in Dilworth, Minnesota found cannabis hidden in seven other brand-new Ford Fusions. “On Friday March 10, 2017 at approximately 10 AM, Dilworth Police was contacted in reference to found narcotics at the Dilworth Auto Yard,” explained the local police in a statement.

“Officers learned that BNSF Police had directed employees to make routine inspections of new vehicles being delivered through the BNSF rail system. Officers on scene observed several large packages located in a new vehicle spare wheel well. With help from Clay County and Moorhead K9 units several more vehicles were identified and a search warrant was obtained for further investigation,” they continued, adding, “Dilworth police along with BNSF Police removed a large quantity of marijuana packaged in the trunk of seven vehicles where the spare wheel should be. This was broken into 14 separate packages containing approximately 217 pounds of Marijuana with a value of $272,000. [The] investigation is continuing.”

The United States must not let the drug cartels to continue to make money smuggling drugs into our country. President Trump should work with Congress to figure out ways to improve our screening processes and stop the influx of narcotics.