The list of Obama offenses just gets longer and longer. Yesterday, the Department of Justice issued indictments on suspects charged with stealing and selling government weapons software to Iran. The men, Mohammed Saeed Ajily and Mohammed Reza Rezakhah are named in relation to a hacking operation against Arrow Tech, a Vermont-based firm that designs military munitions and analyses.

Although enemies hacking into government contractor’s computer systems and databases isn’t new, this story has a real twist.

The truly outrageous part is Obama’s calculated release of the third man involved in the treason. Nima Golestaneh was arrested in Turkey in 2013 and later extradited to the U.S. for hacking the Arrow Tech system. In fact, he plead guilty to the cybercrime and wire fraud charges in 2015, and was sentenced to prison.

However, apparently, Iran wanted their hacker back, because Obama promised to “exchange” seven Iranian prisoners for four Americans being held in the Muslim country. The Americans included a journalist and a pastor who rejoiced once back in America.

Of the seven Iranians Obama turned loose, six of the them had dual citizenship, but Golestaneh did not. At that time, Obama wielded strong control over the public media, and although questions were raised, the uneven–almost submissive–release was soon forgotten.

The crimes committed by the men the former president pardoned involved shipping equipment and information to Iran. Nader Modanlo worked for NASA, the Department of Defense, and a number of private companies that contracted with the government. He was found guilty of sending secrets to Iran that helped them launch their first satellite into space.

Bahram Mechanic illegally sent millions of dollars’ worth of private U.S. energy technology to Iran. The technology included a wide range of military systems, including surface-air and cruise missiles. During the watchful eyes of Obama, from July 2010 and 2015, Mechanic obtained 28 million different components worth $24 million and sent them to his mother country.

Mechanic’s partner Khosrow Afghahi, who co-owned Faratel Corporation in Iran and the Houston-based Smart Power System, was also one of the convicted criminals. The vice president of Smart Power assisted in the treason and regularly received lists of microelectronics in the U.S.

The seven men were supposed to fly back to Tehran, but actually, they vanished after their release. Two of the men involved in the embargo violation went home to their families in Texas and resumed their plush life styles. The remaining five disappeared across the country.

Nima Golstaneh spent his time hacking. Instead of gaining a business and public influence like the others, he simply continued to steal from Arrow Tech. Apparently, he wasn’t the only Iranian looking for free secrets from the defense contractor.

The three men stole the “Projectile Rocket Ordnance Design and Analysis System,” or PRODAS, which helps users analyze and create munitions such as bullets and GPS-guided artillery shells. The software is classified as a “defense article” and costs nearly $800,000.

The nefarious actions of the former president seem deliberately calculated to support terrorist nations and basically release all government defense secrets to America’s enemies.

The two men were discovered when they began advertising their hacking abilities against “Western” cyber security and sanctions created for U.S. protections. However, the entire scheme dates back to 2007, just about the time Obama took office, so the whole mess is his fault.

Obama should have never released Golstaneh or the others. His entire eight-year agenda was designed to promote a Muslim takeover of America. It’s also obvious from the amount of information and weapons sold to Iran that Arrow Tech, NASA, the Department of Defense, and every other existing government agency needs higher vetting rules.

The lost secrets and other treason that went on during Obama’s presidency may never be fully uncovered. Fortunately, there’s absolutely no way that President Trump would ever release such criminals. American finally has an ally, not a conspirator, in the White House.