Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) attempt to whitewash her reputation by denigrating President Trump has failed miserably. This year the California blowhard has only managed to raise a meager $22,000 in individual campaign donations. The number becomes even more dismal when you learn that Waters owes more than $100,000 to her daughter.

The left is so desperate for a candidate to rally around that they’ve decided to forget about Waters’ corrupt past. For the past decade or more, her name has been associated with ethics violations. Story after story has been published regarding Waters’ financial schemes and overt nepotism.

Waters reinvented herself by becoming the voice of the Trump “resistance.” Millennials care more about her ability to fling witty insults than her questionable past. She’s been in politics for the past 40 years yet her popularity has never been greater. After the president was elected she gained over 250,000 Twitter followers.

“When ethics groups of all political leanings agree that a particular member of Congress does not have the minimal ethics needed for the position, it is strange that that member parades as an advocate of ethics,” Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, told the Daily Beast. “That describes the current odd posturing of Maxine Waters.”

One of Waters’ most flagrant ethics violations involved hiring her daughter to work with her campaign. Since 2006 Karen Waters has been paid $750,000 for running her mother’s political mailer campaign. If that wasn’t bad enough, critics argue that the mailer campaign was tinged with corruption even before Karen got involved.

“Longtime Democratic lawmaker Maxine Waters has perfected an unusual tactic for fundraising over the years – getting candidates, including some of California’s most prominent political figures, running for state and local offices, to pay as much as $45,000 for her endorsement on election mailers. In this election cycle alone, Waters has raised 59 percent of her campaign’s treasury through these ‘slate mailers,’” the Sunlight Foundation wrote in 2010.

The law prohibits individuals from donating too much money to a political campaign, but there’s no such rule in place for mailers. Waters legally raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars from politicians eager to win her endorsement.

The slate mailer program is controlled by Karen. The campaign currently owes her $108,000 for her work.

Waters has worked strenuously to clear herself from the charges and imputations.

“This story that you’re trying to put together, to somehow make it look as if I am as bad as a Trump, and I do bad things, and that somehow I don’t deserve to criticize him, is not credible,” Waters told the Daily Beast.

“I’d like you to think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and I’d like you think about whether or not you’re trying to maybe protect the president somewhat, cleanse him a little bit, make him look a bit better, to make it look as if other people don’t have the right to point these things out about him and other people who you make it look as if they have the same kinds of problems. I want you to think about that and think about whether or not this is a story you really want to do.”

The Daily Beast is a liberal-leaning journal, yet Waters’ isn’t pleased their writers. Her claim that she’s being attacked by people trying to “cleanse” the president is absurd. Waters has been involved in multiple scandals throughout her career. Her deceitful practices have nothing to do with Trump.

Most liberals, however, are willing to ignore her past mistakes as she long she complains about Trump. Who cares about the massive, fraudulent schemes that she’s involved in? Trump’s the problem. At least, delusional and disgruntled leftists believe.

“We needed someone right now to shine the light of truth in a way that wakes us all up,” said Brittany Packnett, co-founder of Campaign Zero, told BuzzFeed. “Congresswoman Waters is that light. She’s shaking it up and telling the truth, and we all owe her for it. She’s the Auntie Boss: As real as your Auntie and as powerful as only a black woman could be.”