The very fake news scandal engulfing CNN just erupted again on Wednesday afternoon as CNN’s Chris Cillizza published demonstrably fake news.

What’s more, Cillizza’s significant mistake ropes two more CNN anchors—Kate Bolduan and Brooke Baldwin—into the very fake news scandal touching nearly every single person at CNN.

The fake news from Cillizza specifically was meant to rebut President Donald Trump’s attacks on the fake media after the nothing story about a supposed extra, previously unreported “meeting” with Russian president Vladimir Putin at the recent G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Many media outlets went haywire on Tuesday when the extra “meeting” with Putin went public, but the fake news reports were debunked quickly by a White House statement detailing there was nothing extraordinary or wrong whatsoever with what Trump and Putin did during the dinner at the G20 summit. The fake news reports fell apart quickly, as Breitbart News’s Kristina Wong detailed.

Then, late Tuesday, Trump Tweeted that the fake media’s efforts have now become “sick.”

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