Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the European Union (EU) and former U.S. President Barack Obama because of their unwillingness to support his home country. Netanyahu made these strong remarks during a private meeting with the leaders of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

His comments were known thanks to The Haaretz newspaper, which released a recorded audio where the Israeli PM is heard saying there was a concerning problem during Obama’s tenure in the White House. Netanyahu brutally criticized the Democrat for his administration’s weak foreign policy toward the Middle East

In addition, the Israeli leader said that the nation had a “big problem” in the U.S., given the fact that while he supported bombing Syria in order to fight ISIS, he assured he was not okay on how Obama managed Iran. However, according to the audio, he assured things are different now under Trump administration.

, Netanyahu´s comments about how Trump administration has a stronger strange on its foreign policy toward the Middle East is based on clear signs.

Regarding the EU, Netanyahu said to his fellow leaders that this entity is the only association of countries in the entire world that conditions the relations with his nation, that produces technology and every single area, on political conditions. Additionally, he emphasized that it is a crazy situation considering that no one else does it.

Netanyahu added that he wanted the meeting to motivate the leaders’ ability to communicate with other members of the EU in order to find a solution, since he assures this would “help Europe, twice” Also, Netanyahu called to never undermine that one Western nation that defends the values and interests of Europe.

In a powerful moment of his speech, the Israeli PM explained the lack of logic of the EU, since he assured that this entity is undermining its progress and security by undermining Israel and its connection with this country’s innovation by an irrational attempt to create conditions.

After these remarks, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban cut in and claimed that the EU is even more unique, since it places conditions on the ones already inside entity, and not only the nations on the outside. This comment was a joke referencing the EU putting sanctions on Hungary because of its opposition to George Soros’ funded immigration efforts.

After Orban’s joke, Netanyahu said that Europe needs to decide if it wants to live and thrive or if it wants to shrivel and eventually disappear. Additionally, Israel’s leader joked about not being politically correct, and assured the remarks he made about Europe’s security and economic future were undeniable facts, and that both of these concerns mandate a different policy toward his country.

Netanyahu also said Israel is part of the European culture, and that this continent ends in Israel. He praised Christians for their support of the country´s statehood and mentioned Israel’s own wall and the nation’s effort in blocking the different terrorist organizations in the region from getting weapons.

Regarding this delicate issue, Netanyahu told they blocked the border not only in Egypt but also in the Golan Heights. He explained they built the wall since there was a problem with Iran and ISIS trying to build a terror front there. In fact, the Israeli PM even threatened Vladimir Putin and assured he told him that every time Israel see them transferring weapons to Hezbollah, they would not hesitate in hurt them.

Naturally, Netanyahu’s comments about how Trump administration has a stronger strange on its foreign policy toward the Middle East is based on clear signs. One of the most important actions was to support Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman, given the fact that he could represent a historical change in his country´s relationship with Israel

Although it was recently known that Trump administration re-certified the controversial Iran nuclear deal, it has also increased sanctions against the Muslim country, to the point where many experts believe it could cause the Islamic republic to withdraw from it.

In addition, another clear sign of the U.S. stronger position towards this country was the selection of hardline Michael D’Andrea as the new chief of Iran operation, signaling that the CIA could take a harder stance against the Iranian regime.

D’Andrea, known internally by his nickname “Dark Prince,” previously worked on Osama Bin Laden’s hunt and led the agency’s controversial drone killing and enemy detainee programs. His selection clearly mirrors the views of Defense Secretary James Mattis, who once listed off his three main priorities as “Iran, Iran, Iran.”