Sources say 15 people were detained at a home located at the 100 block of Westhaven Place on the West Side Sunday evening. Law enforcement sources tell us that those detained are believed to be human trafficking victims, although authorities say they do not believe the 15 are connected with the scene where dozens of people were found crammed in a tractor-trailer early Sunday morning. Some were reportedly just in their undergarments.

Our cameras arrived to the scene shortly after the people were taken into custody.

Police and Homeland Security Investigations responded to the scene. Our sources say all were taken to Homeland Security Investigations for questioning.

People familiar with the area say it’s normally quiet, but they did hear some commotion Saturday night.

They say this ordeal is frightening.

“When we found out – it was crazy because we didn’t have no idea that nobody even lived at that house, so finding out that there was like people here hiding — like it was crazy!” one neighbor told us.

Neighbors say authorities told them one of the vehicles towed away Sunday afternoon was reported as stolen.

Authorities are still investigating all of the pieces of this case.