Republicans are finally making sense, let us hope that this time it is not just for show. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has asked the Justice Department why there have not been any investigations or concerns over the legitimacy of the connections the Democratic National Committee has with Ukrainian foreign nationals. There seems to be an endless amount of taxpayer dollars funding the farcical Russian-Trump connection and so Republicans are right to ask why not them?

Democrats are playing politics hard and fast as many believe these corrupt officials finally have their backs against the wall. Their precious connections and appointments should not be able to protect them from American justice forever. However these DNC officials, consultants, and staffers are mostly Ivy league attorneys with vast knowledge of the laws of our governing body and continue to push day after day against Trump to undermine his legitimacy. Their recent presidential defeat has revealed them to be people who project their own reality onto others in hopes of incrimination or disinformation.

The Democrats have continued to project the crimes of their own against either Republicans or Trump. During the election when Bill Clinton’s alleged son requested a blood test, the Democrats managed to bring lawsuits against Trump from anonymous women who claimed he raped them.

Bill Clinton is a known sexual offender and so rather than let horrible sex offender spotlight tarnish the Clinton’s name, they flipped it on Trump and had everyone believing it. Remember all those lawsuits? They vanished as soon as it did not matter anymore because the vote had already happened. The DNC hand a hand in manufacturing those stories to feed into the media attention surround a Trump sex scandal.

The reason this is another example of projection is because the foreign national in question, Alexandra Chalupa, was working for the DNC as a consultant and allegedly had incriminating evidence against Trump. This Ukrainian narrative is the exact opposite of what the DNC has continued to yell and scream about to let the media focus on a Russian collusion narrative, all to distract attention from their own foreign collusion.

The attorney representing Chalupa has stated that there’s nothing anyone can do to investigate because no laws were broken, and if there was anything to this case it would have happened long ago. Basically calling it a nothingburger, the exact way CNN pundit Van Jones stated the Trump-Russian connection was in a candid video. This projection happens often and once the idea that the DNC is guilty of everything they accuse others of doing begins to settle, then one can see them happening as they unfold.

Thanks to Republicans like Grassley, and a little help from a recent Trump tweet, sunlight can actually be shown onto what the swamp truly is. This is a time for Republicans to actually make accomplishments and get their agendas they promised the people done. The reason the Swamp is so treacherous is because of spineless Republicans who are clearly either liars or have been blackmailed to act and say the things they do.

Trump was not bless by the Republicans when he started his race and was laughed at, well the voters are laughing now because out of 17 other candidates, the one who was not a devout Republican snake was chosen and was then elected President in probably the greatest political upset of all time. If Republicans begin to push back, use the media to keep pressure on the DNC, and then continue to do the work they said would then it would likely lead to the destruction of the Democrats in the upcoming elections.


The DNC has begun to actually crumble as their “Better Deal” slogans are weak and their leaders are ineffective. The American People have elected a man who appears to be doing the best he can and doing it better than most. The Democrats have projected their own crimes of collusion with Ukraine onto Trump’s campaign in relation to Russia.

There has been absolutely zero evidence produced that would lead a logical person to believe there was collusion between Trump and Russians. Yet in broad daylight, collusion between the DNC and Ukrainians goes unnoticed until now. In the coming weeks there should be more evidence to follow this demand by the Senate Judiciary Committee, time depending on the status of the Attorney General.