(ibankcoin) Do you recall when Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened the US Capitol Police chief for seizing a computer from her IT personnel, who was Imran Awan?

Let’s refresh your memory.

It never seemed right, the manner in which she targeted him with venomous animus. It was not the cadence, or computation, of an innocent person.

Fast forward to today and we have a full blown scandal on our hands, with charges that her IT personnel, Awan, had access to the emails of every single member of Congress — and sold that information to person’s unknown…

Source: Politico

Awan and his relatives worked as shared employees for more than two dozen House Democrats in the past several years. After the Capitol Hill investigation came to light in early February, most lawmakers fired the other staffers in question.

But Wasserman Schultz retained Awan, even though he has been barred from accessing the House IT network since February. FACT maintains there’s no way Awan could have performed IT duties for Wasserman Schultz over the past six months, despite staying on the Florida Democrat’s payroll…

“It was, therefore, contrary to the House ethics rule for Wasserman Schultz to continue to pay Awan with taxpayer funds even after he was barred from the House computer system and could not perform his duties, and was also under criminal investigation.”

Awan was arrested by the FBI last week attempting to leave the country, after wiring $300,000 to his home country of Pakistan. Previous to attempting flight, his wife left the country and he had been frantically liquidating real estate holdings…

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