Details continue to emerge after the chaotic weekend concerning the events around Charlottesville. A white supremacist march had been organized for weeks before the event took place and secured permits and followed the regulations in order to protest. The activists were protesting the removal of some historical statues and were upset that the state was trying to remove their history. However, the event was cancelled a week prior to the date of the march and the organization had to go to court, where it was discovered the leader of the march was an Obama supporter, as well as an occupy individual.

Leaders of this event included Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer. Both men claim to be avid white supremacists and even invited other groups to join the march. The event initially called for white supremacists but then grew after they invited libertarians, free speech activists, republicans, conservatives, and any other right-wing minded individuals.

A federal court had no choice but to let the group continue their planned event as cancelling it would be a clear violation of their constitutional rights. However, the events the followed were irresponsible, dangerous, and suspect to say the least.

The initial protests had been scheduled for Saturday morning but after the group began their demonstrations, Virginia Governor and Democrat Terry McAuliffe ordered the event shut down and called a state of emergency. The police ordered the activists to scatter into crowds of violent leftist rioters who had no right to be there.

It does not matter what the group calls for so long as the speech is not calling for immediate violence and yet the crowds of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matters disrupted and protested anyway. Chaos ensued as activists from both sides clashed as the police watched while a supposed white supremacist ran over a group of people with his car.

Details of the events are unclear and suspect to say the least. It was obviously wrong for the state to endanger the political activists by making them disperse into violent groups. Videos show that the man who used his car to run someone over was under attack as violent leftists closed in on his car.

Furthermore, it has come to light that one of the event’s leader, Jordan Kessler, was an Obama supporter and contributor to CNN. These details point to an event organized by one side to shatter Trump’s base and depict conservatives as white supremacists.

Jordan Kessler had written articles for CNN in the past, covering controversial topics such as the “Occupy” movement that protested against wall street and capitalism a few years ago. He claimed that he switched sides, rather radically I might say, in November of 2016.

A suspect time to go from an Obama supporting journalist to a full fledged white supremacist to say the least. This event has been covered non-stop since it began on Friday night and yet five people died in Chicago over the weekend and five more died today from a terrorist attack. The media has forced Trump to disavow these supremacists while Obama invited BLM terrorists to the White House.


At the core, every American knows that blind racism is wrong. Calling people racist who are not is extremely insulting and degrading. The mentality that every conservative in this country is a white supremacist Nazi is exactly the kind of insult that won Trump the election. However, despite the hate and ideology expressed at the rally, those Americans had every right to come together lawfully and protest. Police should never have allowed ANTIFA and BLM to organize, let alone approach the other group.

The chaos the followed is on the hands of Virginian Officials and the Charlottesville Police Department who allowed this kind of constitutional violation to take place. The Constitution is not here to protect people’s feelings or sensitivities towards becoming triggered at the thought that someone thinks differently than you.

It is there to protect the rights of those who are displeased with their government, however, the set up of this event does not look organic nor does the massive media attention is has gotten over three days. More details are sure to come forward as investigators continue to connect dots and the tension will not lower as the media is shoving their narrative down America’s throat.