After falsely claiming President Trump didn’t condemn the Charlottesville violence when in fact he did, CNN is now backpedaling by claiming the president’s response was “tepid.”

Let that sink in: First the network claimed he didn’t condemn at all, but now they’re saying he did, albeit “tepidly.”

“Trump’s tepid condemnation of neo-Nazis disappoints the world,” declared CNN’s Frida Ghitis. “…Despite the White House claim that Trump’s statement in fact included criticism of white supremacists and neo-Nazis, many Europeans had little patience for the fuzzy language.”

It was only yesterday that CNN’s Dan Merica claimed “Trump — once again — fails to condemn the alt-right, white supremacists” despite Trump condemning the rally on Saturday:

CNN did try to “distance” itself from Ghitis’s commentary with an editor’s note; however, CNN’s commentary section has numerous, similar articles which indicates Ghitis’s opinion is no different than CNN’s narrative.

As a establishment mouthpiece role playing as objective news, CNN has rejected reality in favor of its own preconceived narrative to paint anyone conservative and libertarian as “racist.”

And that’s why CNN published the articles by Ghitis and Merica despite the seeming contradiction: the articles, in fact, don’t contradict each other once you realize they’re meant to attack Trump.

The goal of CNN and other establishment outlets, especially those linked to socialist George Soros, is to “simplify” US politics into a false dichotomy of only two very flawed sides, Antifa and neo-Nazis, as part of its grand strategy to divide and control the population.

The establishment loves dividing people into little groups that it can control from the top-down, and the easiest way for them to do that is to push racial division that keeps the population perpetually locked in warfare against one another without noticing the true power structure pulling the strings from above.

Racial division also allows the elites to suppress non-racial political ideologies, such as Rothbardian libertarianism, that pose a real threat to their power.