Although some members of the GOP and the Democratic party have said that claims alleging that some people inside the White House (WH) are planning to take down President Trump are nothing more than conspiracy theories, recent news seems to give a lot of credibility to this serious concern. The person who confirmed what many have claimed was former WH communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who described some suspicious moves inside the Trump administration.

After serving less than two weeks before getting fired in the wake of the profanity-laden interview with a New Yorker reporter, Scaramucci appeared on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday with George Stephanopoulos for his first interview since his controversial dismissal.

The so-called “Mooch” discussed with Stephanopoulos the competing elements inside the WH and the way some people are extremely afraid to tell the President the truth, as well as the continuing problem of WH leakers. Getting to this point, Stephanopoulos said he felt Scaramucci was describing some kind of “hornet’s nest” within the administration.

Far from denying these remarks, Scaramucci went even further and confirmed what many people have said: there’s a huge operation to overthrown President Trump from the White House, regardless the extremely damaging consequences this would have.

Scaramucci explained that some people inside the White House have decided to eject President Trump, given the fact he’s not a representative of the political establishment class. Furthermore, Scaramucci said that it’s almost like Trump opened up the door for the nation’s CEOs and billionaires to enter the Washington political system, which represents a new reality that members of that political class will not accept, considering the turning point it would create.

Naturally, we’re talking about an American revolution where the beginning of a new era is taking place: the rise of the Washington outsiders to the detriment of a political elite that is now struggling to maintain its power and influence.

Although many experts assured that Trump’s victory in the presidential election would open this new reality, some analysts believed that this was quite unlikely. Their reason wasn’t only that Trump wouldn’t keep his unorthodox essence, but also that he would let himself be controlled by the establishment.

Naturally, this wasn’t exactly what ended up happening, and Scaramucci just confirmed that the battle for the power just reached the tipping point where members of this group are making their moves to take down President Trump, regardless the constitutional crisis it would have.

Of course, leakers are also part of this operation, given the fact that their acts are extremely damaging for a President that is experiencing a tremendous internal war. So far, their disclosures have turned the WH into a mad house where what it’s meant to be classified, can easily get leaked to the press the next day.

This is exactly why Trump decided to hire Scaramucci, and the reason why once he got his job done by eliminating Rience Priebus and getting fired eventually, the commander in chief choose General John Kelly as the new chief of staff.

Upon taking the job, Scaramucci had vowed to fire every single White House leakers, showing the aggressiveness that President Trump apparently wanted, given the fact that it represented a style that he always liked to show on his real estate business.

When Stephanopoulos asked Scaramucci if the President was fighting any kind of enemy within the WH, he responded certain elements inside of it are not exactly abetting Trump’s interests or his agenda. Moreover, he said that the enemy totally exists.

While this is something quite normal inside any administration, what seems quite disturbing is that some of these elements are even pointing out to different directions and fulfilling different agendas.

As the New York Times recently reported, the actions have been so notorious that there’s a movement to remove President Trump from the 2020 ticket. Apparently, some luminaries in the GOP have begun what amounts to a shadow campaign for the next presidential election.

The news outlet informed that the would-be candidates are already cultivating some of the party´s most important donors, courting conservative interests groups and enhancing their profiles. Naturally, this represents a really grotesque move not only because of its clear display of intentions, but also because Trump has given no indication that he will decline to seek the second term of his presidency.

However, like everyone knows, Trump knows perfectly how to move inside chaos.