Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an address to the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Kronstadt, in which he stated his problems with Pope Francis. The Russian President has been known to be patient, blunt, as well as honest as his feelings toward the head of the Catholic Church are less than flattering. He stated, “If you look around at what he (the Pope) says it’s clear that he is not a man of God. At least not the Christian God, not the God of the Bible.” The legitimacy of the Pope’s faith came into play which caused further inquiries about the legitimacy of his Papal throne.

Putin could not have been more blunt when he told those who were listening the speech that the Pope is not a man of God. His claims that Pope Francis uses his position of power over millions across the globe to push a Marxist and communist agenda that is a danger to the very Western civilization that he supposedly represents. Francis has done little to stop these remarks as his advocating for open borders and washing migrants feet have many Catholics across the globe worried that he is playing politics.

President Putin may be the boogeyman that Western media despises but his approach towards geopolitics as well as European Leaders paves a new path for negotiations across the globe. He has been accused by baseless Western elitist sources of “hacking” the election in order to give the Presidency to Donald Trump.

The only basis for this style of slander would be if voter machines malfunctioned or democratic strongholds suffered acts of terrorism to stop voters from voting, but neither of these things happened. If Putin is to blame, then his only crime is doing real journalism that exposed the DNC as corrupt and traitorous criminals by publishing their emails for every American to see. Instead of condemning him, we as Americans should be thanking him, but most logical and reasonable Americans know that Russia had nothing to do with it.

However, Pope Francis’ continual appeasement towards political correctness as well as Muslims who would see his head chopped off are more worrying than Putin’s attempts to protect Russian interests. Putin’s accusations of Godless Pope have brought new questions to light as for the legitimacy of his papacy.

In Catholic tradition, in order for one to become the Pope one must first become an ordained priest and then the consecrated Bishop of Rome. Pope Francis, or Jorge Borgoglio, did neither of those things during his rise to the papacy, thus calling his legitimacy into question. The Pope has used his authority and power to preach political agendas as his hard line stances against elected officials and policies of other nations suggest his agenda is similar to other globalists.

His criticisms of Donald Trump made many in the US wonder why he is so concerned with the elections of a foreign nation. After all, does he not have a flock of Christians suffering the effects of genocide in the Middle East to attend to? His approach towards the unquestioned acceptance of Muslims and advocating of a Marxist agenda is both unsettling and disgusting as Muslims want him dead and Marxists hate Christianity.

Fortunately, there are still those who would challenge the authority of a secretly elected tyrant. Leaders like Putin and Trump may not be Western media’s favorite leaders, probably due to their attempts to halt the advancement of globalism, but they are willing to stand up to those who would have their word as law.

Francis and leaders like Merkel, Macron, Schultz, and Tusk are political bullies who want their way and want no one to say otherwise. Their hopes of up-heaving  Europe with the introduction of mass immigration are becoming a reality as thousands of migrants come everyday with no intentions of becoming “European.”

Putin’s statements regarding the political and Marxist nature of Pope Francis should have everyone keeping a closer eye on the man who acts as the voice of the church. Their attempts to remove the sovereignty of nations and fill it with mindless Marxists or Islamists will not be as easy as planned so long as those with a conscience and open eyes can see what they are doing.

Pope Francis has done so much for the migrants of Europe while essentially casting out Christians who have been systematically persecuted and killed across the Middle East. If Putin is to believed and this man does not actually believe in the Christian God, then whom does this man serve?