Oregon’s government continues to push the state into the fringe left. Just a few weeks after her decision to sign a bill forcing taxpayers to pay for illegal immigrant abortions, Governor Kate Brown signed another controversial bill into law, again protecting illegals.

State authorities are now barred from collecting information on citizens. All data will be shared with federal agents, but there will be a limit to how much data is available. The move is an effort to shield illegal immigrants from detection.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared in Miami yesterday to lambast decisions like Brown’s. Liberal politicians are prioritizing their leftist agenda over the safety of their constituents.

“Unfortunately… In Chicago – a city with almost exactly the same 2.7 million person population as Miami-Dade – more than 433 people have been murdered since the beginning of the year. More than three times as many as Miami-Dade. Last year, Chicago’s 2.7 million residents experienced more murders than the 12.5 million people who live in New York and Los Angeles- combined,” Sessions said.

Cities who shield illegals from deportation bear some of the responsibility for the crimes committed. Thousands of innocent Americans have lost their lives to migrant violence.

“The Chicago Police Department also reported more than 4,300 shooting victims. In the first half of last year, violent crime across the nation increased 5 percent, but in Chicago it surged 24 percent. The most fundamental duty of government is to ensure the safety and liberty of its people. Respect for the rule of law has broken down. In Chicago, their so-called “sanctuary” policies are just one sad example,” Sessions bemoaned yesterday.

Oregon’s law will make it difficult for federal officials to nab illegals in the state. Why? Who, exactly, benefits from such an insane law? American politicians should be looking out for our needs, not those of migrants.

The Washington Times reports:

“The law also orders police not to share private information for purposes of enforcing federal immigration law. That would, for example, shield an illegal immigrant witness to a crime from having information shared with federal immigration officers concerning his contact details, work or school schedule, or appointments with public officials.”

It’s become fashionable among the left to deliberately impede the president. Liberals seem to enjoy disrespecting Donald Trump. Protecting illegal immigrants is a way for leftists to defy Trump. One of the central components of the president’s campaign was his insistence on immigration reform.

“This bill is all about the ‘undocumented,’ and while it serves as a symbol for the left, it is in reality a shield for criminal aliens to avoid justice,” state Sen. Alan Olsen said.

Oregon’s surprising decision comes just a few weeks after Portland residents were shocked by a brutal rape committed by an illegal.

According to reports:

“Police arrested 31-year-old Sergio Martinez last month, accusing him of binding and raping a 65-year-old Portland woman, then later the same day trying to kidnap a 24-year-old woman. The arrest came a week after Martinez was released from the Multnomah County jail, despite a request by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that he be held for pickup. ICE said Martinez had already been deported to Mexico more than a dozen times. ICE had issued a detainer request asking that Martinez be held, but the sheriff said they believe those detainer requests violate the law, and local authorities can only hold someone for the duration of their sentence or processing for state and local crimes.”

If local politicians cared to uphold the rule of law, they would instantly expel violent illegals from their neighborhoods. How many people need to be attacked before liberals are willing to admit that we shouldn’t allow violent migrants to remain in our country?