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Wolf Blitzer made a very bizarre comparison to the Barcelona attack, and got torched for it

Viewers were astounded and confused at the bizarre comparison CNN’s Wolf Blitzer made during the cable network’s coverage of the terrible terrorist attack in Barcelona Thursday.

Jim Sciutto seemed to make the attempt to tie the attack in Barcelona to that in Charlottesville by white supremacist at an “alt-right” rally against left-wing counter-protesters.

“But the final point I would make, Wolf, is just this note,” Schiutto said, “that in light of the uproar of the last several days, 5 days apart you have a white supremacist in Charlottesville use a vehicle to kill, and here you have attackers at least following the modus operandi of terrorists, using vehicles apparently to kill as well.”

“Those shared tactics that should be alarming,” he concluded.

“There will be questions about copycats, there will be questions if what happened in Barcelona was at all,” Wolf responded, “at all a copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, even though they may be different characters, different political ambitions.”

“They used the same killing device,” he explained, “a vehicle going at high speed going into a group, a large group of pedestrians.”

“And as local police are saying,” he added, “at least one person is now dead, 32 injured, many of them in critical condition, right now, they fully expect the death toll to go up.”

Some took to twitter to criticize Blitzer for offering that terrorists in Europe might have been somehow inspired by the white supremacist attack in Virginia.

CNN has been in a feud with the president, who calls it the epitome of “fake news,” while many journalists have used their platform on the network to attack Trump.

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