Antifa’s plans for this weekend’s Patriot Prayer rally were ruined after San Francisco police made a bold announcement. In the wake of recent protests, security will be on high alert with special emphasis on preventing the use of the alt-left’s favorite makeshift weapons — sticks and clubs.

Using the recent Boston free speech rally as a positive example, City officials are working hard to protect San Francisco residents from violence, starting with police being ultra-visible. “Every available officer is expected to be working on Saturday, so no discretionary time off.” Announced Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Andraychak.

Not only will there be a lot more officers on the street, in order to clamp down on Antifa’s violent hate tactics, they will be enforcing a prohibition on weapons of any kind. “no weapons — not just fire arms — no baseball bats, no clubs, no knives.” Backpacks will not be allowed either.

The Orwellian doublespeak used by the alt-left is not an accident. “Fascists,”– real hard-core, cross-burning KKK and Neo-Nazi types, have historically been known to use violence. Anti-Fascists can use violence too, they say.  Not just for self-defense either.

Antifa gets to decide what fascism is, so they use it to label anyone with views different from theirs. For example, Heather MacDonald is a Manhattan Institute think tank scholar, well known as an expert on law enforcement. MacDonald specializes in the “complex relationship between law enforcement and minority communities.”

One of the first to conclude that anti-police protests like the ones that happened in Ferguson, Milwaukee, and Baltimore have had the result of increased urban crime in those cities. The “Ferguson Effect” is now considered valid by both sides.

After she was scheduled to speak at Claremont McKenna College. A group of students objected. MacDonald should not be permitted to speak; she is “a fascist, a white supremacist, a warhawk, a transphobe, a queerphobe, a classist, and ignorant of interlocking systems of domination that produce the lethal conditions under which oppressed peoples are forced to live.” Worst of all, they wrote, she was “challenging “the right of Black people to exist.”

MacDonald supports the theory that when police are afraid of the community, more young black men are being killed by each other. She does not oppose the right of black people to exist, she maintains that their right to exist “is being threatened by militant anti-police sentiment.”

Backing up the claims MacDonald is a “fascist” was not even necessary. Picking the right emotionally charged language to make the college administrators believe she might not make a good guest did the trick. They didn’t need to prove the claims to get what they wanted. MacDonald was “physically blocked from the auditorium.”