Legendary boxer George Foreman destroyed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his controversial national anthem protest, and called out NBA star Kevin Durant over his comments about a potential visit to the White House. In addition, the famous grill maker praised President Trump, and revealed an interesting situation with the Republican that happened some years ago.

During the “Offended America” podcast on Monday, the 68-year-old boxer explained that while he was still in the ring almost every single American athlete were characterized for their patriotism, he assured that’s no longer the case. Naturally, he explained this was quite concerning considering the example that this could give to the young people who are watching sports and admire today´s superstars.

Regarding Kaepernick, Foreman said he’s just trying to be a cheap copy of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali by speaking up about politics. In addition, he assured that the unemployed quarterback needs to realize that thousands of American patriots died in war so they could have that unquestionable privilege.

Furthermore, the famous boxer said nobody in his generation would have done anything like either of these athletes have, since he assured they had more respect for the homeland. Foreman even said that the greatest day of his life was when he put on the colors representing America. He was referring to the historical moment when he won the gold medal in the Summer Olympics, setting another legendary mark on the U.S. boxing history.

In a interesting moment of the interview, Foreman said that his love for the United States and the flag is out of question, and that Durant and Kaepernick haven’t been brought up with patriotic people, which explains why they always point out in the wrong directions.

Regarding the NBA star, Foreman had some advice when it comes to the subject of visiting the White House. While the heavyweight champion was invited multiple times to meet Americans presidents, the only time he refused to visit the White House was when Richard Nixon was the commander in chief.

When he was the presidential candidate back in 1968, he invited the boxer to be recognized for his gold medal in the Madison Square Garden, but Foreman refused since he was worried he was going to get rid of the job corps.

Eventually, Foreman refused twice more when Nixon was in the White House. However, the boxer shows his intellectual honesty by recognizing not only that he still regrets it to this day, but also to acknowledge that he committed a wrong decision by not accepting the invitation.

He said that it’s painful for him to see his photographs will all of the presidents and not having one with Nixon. In addition, he explained he was kind of ignorant back in those days, given the fact that reality proved he was wrong, considering that the job corps is still in existence.

Given this whole experience and the knowledge of a true American sports legend, Foreman said that even when Durant is a champion, refusing to meet the commander in chief, no matter how he might feel about his politics, is the clear sign of a “sore loser.”

In another part of the interview, Foreman offered some good words about President Trump, revealing an interesting situation that most Americans are not aware of. As many other sports figures, Foreman wanted to have a comeback in boxing regardless what many experts were saying about this condition, considering he was 42.

While no one believed in his chances and refused to fund his comeback, Donald Trump played a pivotal role in this personal and professional goal by helping to give the proper amount of money and move his resources in order to promote Foreman´s fight with Evander Holyfield.

The heavyweight champion and famous grill maker said that he wanted to give another try to boxing not only because it was his greatest passion, but also because he was “broke..bankrupt.” Fortunately, he said, Trump appeared to save him financially, to the point where Foreman openly recognized that the Republican played a significant role in helping him being on the wealthy side again.

In addition, Foreman said that while there’s a lot of people in the U.S. that doesn’t like the president, he actually believes he’s a good one. Also, he explained he knew his efficiency as a young entrepreneur and considers he would show this great virtue on his presidency.