Clearly, journalists are ready to pounce and make this yet another political hurricane

The “journalists” at MSNBC seem eager for Hurricane Harvey to be a political disaster for Donald Trump, preemptively reminding everyone what the stakes are. Deadline: White House anchor Nicolle Wallace on Friday was amazed that the President hasn’t screwed it up yet: “It seems to me that this is the first event of this presidency where, sort of, the dire nature of the event seems to have halted other instincts in this president.” 

Wallace marveled, “He seems to be focused on the storm after some early morning venting and he seems to be putting forward the kind of folks that would reassure any citizen in the path of such a dangerous and frightening storm.”

Earlier in the day, host Chris Jansing wondered, “The hurricane is going to be the President’s first big test of this kind. Is he ready? Is his team ready?”

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