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Harvey continues to pummel Texas with rain as it creeps back toward the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Harvey is heading back toward the Gulf of Mexico at a slow pace, meaning it has virtually stalled over the Texas coast and may continue pummeling the region with heavy rain.

The National Hurricane Center early Monday said that the storm boasts sustained winds of up to 40 mph and is essentially creeping southeast at 3 mph.

The hurricane is reportedly centered 20 miles east of Victoria, Texas, which is approximately 120 miles away from Houston, America’s fourth-largest city.

Harvey thus continues to downpour upon the Houston and Galveston areas, with numerous spots in the region having received more than 25 inches of rain so far.

The National Hurricane Center added that Harvey’s center is predicted to drift off the middle Texas coast Monday before becoming offshore Tuesday and continuing in “a slow northeastern motion.”

People in the upper Texas coast and southwestern Louisiana should subsequently monitor the storm’s progress, according to the organization.

Harvey has impacted roughly 6.8 million people across 18 counties in Texas, judging from federal disaster declarations, or about a quarter of the state’s population. The storm has been blamed for at least two deaths.

xpanded his State Disaster Declaration Sunday to include four more Texas counties.

Abbott issued a statement Sunday night to declare a disaster in Bastrop, Burleson, Polk, and San Jacinto counties in the state of Texas.

“I authorize the use of all available resources of state government and of political subdivisions that are reasonably necessary to cope with this disaster,” he said.

The governor tweeted out a photo earlier with the caption “Working to coordinate our response to hurricane and ensure the safety of all Texans affected by this storm.”


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