Senator Ted Cruz decided to shut down MSNBC host Katy Tur on Monday, after she asked him why he previously voted against a bill that provided aid for Hurricane Sandy. Naturally, it was a clear attempt to take advantage of a delicate situation for political capitalization, which seems quite opportunist considering that the Democratic Party is facing a huge popularity crisis.

The former GOP candidate for the 2016 presidential election was on the ground in Texas when Tur asked him if it was hypocritical to ask for federal aid to help with the terrible devastation from Hurricane Harvey, when Cruz had voted against a Sandy aid bill.

Getting to this point, he tried to redirect the controversial interview away from political questions, telling the host that it was not time for any kind of “political spinning” considering the sensitive situation that Texas was experiencing.

However, far from showing any kind of civil decency, Tur continued to press the point in order to get an answer that she could manipulate to harm a prominent member of the Republican Party. Far from being an unprecedented situation, liberals tend to use these kinds of crisis for political purposes, which seems really useful today considering that there´s an important election next year, and the Democratic Party is not exactly at its brightest moment.

Tur tried to use what happened in Texas in order to strike at Cruz, saying that people of his state lost everything they owned. On this point, Cruz couldn’t take it anymore and decided to hit back at the MSNBC host.

The Republican senator told that the most accurate thing to say was that he along with many others emphatically and enthusiastically supported hurricane relief. However, he said, the big issue with that bill was that it turned into a $50 billion bill that was completely filled with “unrelated pork.”

Naturally, things got heated up in this part of the interview, while Tur tried to keep pushing on the network’s narrative against Cruz. However, the senator continued with his salvo by assuring that two-thirds of that bill had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy, and that it was disappointing to see her making an effort to unjustifiably take a political aim at him at such a delicate moment.

Given this fact, Cruz told Tur that it is not right for politicians to exploit this kind of disaster, just to pay for their own “political wishlist.” Clearly, this was a brutal way to humiliate one of the most prominent networks of the mainstream media live on air.

Since President Donald Trump won the presidential election, most of the networks and newspaper started an open war against his administration, showing a concerning disconnection with reality and attacking the commander in chief at every possible opportunity. In fact, some of these media outlets got to the point of telling that everyone who voted for Trump is a racist, showing that they are willing to attack even a significant portion of the country in the most offensive way.

This way, Senator Cruz remarks were quite outstanding, especially when it was an unexpected attack on the worst moment possible. However, this sickening display of opportunism didn’t come only from MSNBC, given the fact that CNN’s Jim Acosta also took the chance to attack the Republican.

This reporter asked Cruz if his “perspective” has changed in any form when it comes to the need for quick disaster relief for a hard-hit area. Acosta said that during Superstorm Sandy this became an issue where some Republicans in Texas were opposed to the funding and now would like to see help coming in as quickly as possible.

Unsurprisingly, Cruz knew how to deal with him and rejected his opportunistic narrative, arguing that the issue was not with the idea of hurricane funding, but with the bill itself. The senator told Acosta that it was not accurate to say there were Republicans opposed to the funding, given the fact that every single one of them agreed that hurricane funding represents a significant role for the federal government.

In addition, Cruz told Acosta that this was really important for every Republican at that time, considering that there were a lot of people that were hurting from Hurricane Sandy. However, the senator explained that the problem with a few Republicans, including him, was that the $50 billion bill was filled with a lot of unrelated spending that wasn’t hurricane relief.

Finally, Cruz also obliterated Acosta by explaining how those unrelated spending simply represented local members of Congress spending on their pet project, and claimed that no one should have members of Congress that are exploiting disaster to fund their own interests.