Sources:  Daily NK – The Daily Mail

One of the great mysteries about communist countries is why, even if sanctioned, they can never seem to grow food. North Korea, due to their own horrendous leadership, have been starving almost since their inception. In the 1990s one of the worst famines in history took place in the Hermit Kingdom and the regime blamed sanctions.

Sanctions don’t stop corn from growing or wheat from rising out of the ground, however, yet N.K. can not seem to do it. According to the Daily Mail, the evil kingdom is now telling their starved soldiers to steal corn in order to fatten up and be “combat ready” for “imminent war.” There is no such thing as property rights in a communist dictatorship.

Now we know that part of this is puffing up to President Donald Trump since North Korean leader Kim Jong-un knows that any such recruitment call will get back to the U.S.  However, it may be more than that, we simply do not know.

If new sanctions are to cripple the nation, the Hermit Kingdom may be thinking that now is the time to attack before the coming starvation really sets in as it did during the Clinton years. Reports are that “malnourished” North Korean soldiers are resorting to “carrying sacks of unripened corn in a bid to sell it at markets” are pouring in.

The MSM often talks about North Korea as having one of the largest armies on Earth with some estimates saying that 1/4 of the population stand ready to fight. What isn’t as widely known is that N.K. can not afford to feed anywhere near 1/4 of its population and those warriors may be standing, but their stomachs are grumbling. Remember, an army fights on their stomach, we are told.

The Daily NK quotes “a source in North Hamgyong Province” who said, “Young soldiers tired of relentless hunger are frequently deserting the army to steal food. Even military officers are encouraging the practice.

The soldiers who do get sick from NOT stealing are to be severely punished, thus keeping with the overall quirkiness of the whole nation. “The military officers are instructing their soldiers, exhausted after training, to eat corn in the fields because war is imminent. They are even threatening their soldiers, saying, ‘If you become malnourished despite permission to eat the corn, you will face difficulties,’” the source confessed. It is clear that N.K. is not in any position to fight the United States.

It is clear that N.K. is not in any position to fight the U.S. Still, let us remember that they are more prepared now than they will be in six months, so this could prompt the wine-imbibing despot to act. Also, when this food being stolen is gone, what then?

Human shields are in place and Pyongyang is full of innocent families on purpose. This is Kim Jong-un’s defense and sadly, this is Donald Trump’s biggest dilemma.