Sources: Teddy StickThe Daily Progress

One of the most confounding things that happens during a riot or a natural disaster is when the police are told to “stand down” or “give room” to those looting and causing damage to destroy at will. Why those who engage in such activities are not shot on site by law enforcement is anyone’s guess, yet firemen, first responders, and members of the community young and old are put in the way of danger by not shooting, that we do know.

Thankfully, people are getting pretty sick of it happening and a “Verona-based law group is planning to file a lawsuit against Charlottesville, its police chief and the Virginia State Police” for willfully failing to protect the citizens “in the Aug. 12 white nationalist rally that erupted into violence and chaos,” the Daily Progress confirms. This destructive mandate is now coming back to haunt those who issued it.

It is being reported that “Officials with Nexus Caridades Attorneys” have said that they are going to sue both city and state officials for “standing down” and with forethought not stopping the egregious violence that led to “their client, Robert Sanchez Turner” being “injured.”

We won’t know until Friday which court the lawsuit is to be filed in but Jen Little, public relations director for the organization about to sue said, “Mr. Turner was assaulted while police officers watched but failed to act to keep him safe or arrest those responsible for the attacks.

She has a point, too. We don’t pay our police officers to not deport illegals as the states and cities often insist upon and we certainly don’t pay them to “stand down” in order not to make matters worse for them or others.

That is a cowardly excuse and nothing more!

As reported by Mr. Turner and confirmed by footage from dozens of media cameras and hundreds of handheld cameras and phones, police stood down. This stand-down enabled neo-Nazis to inflict a modern-day race war in the streets of Charlottesville,” Little also wrote.

She also penned that “Mr. Turner has constitutional rights, and the City of Charlottesville and the police leadership failed him and countless others when they stood down and allowed racists and violent extremists to run amok in the city.”

Sadly, all of this is true. Teddy Stick reported that protesters were purposefully paraded in front of opposing sides just to inflame the situation. There were four sides, after all: those supporting the parks name change, those against it, NAZIs, and ANTIFA terrorists.


We just need to get to the bottom of why these four sides were allowed to commit dreadful acts of violence against one another while the police stood by like wooden Indians.