Daniel Lang

As with most terrible events, the destruction brought on by Hurricane Harvey has a silver lining. At a time when America has never been so divided, it was refreshing to see so many people helping each other out, regardless of race or political beliefs. All of that nonsense has fallen by the wayside. Everyone in Texas seems to be focusing on each other’s humanity, and indiscriminately helping out everyone in need. The storm has reminded us that at the end of the day, we’re all Americans.

Unfortunately, there is one particular segment of the population that is in no mood for some badly needed unity. It seems that a lot of people on the far-left have responded to this disaster in despicable ways. The hurricane has shown that leftists are so obsessed with politics, that they can’t let it go and appreciate human bravery and charity for a single second. For instance:

  • A Professor from the University of Tampa tweeted out that Texas deserved to be struck by the hurricane, because Texans largely voted for Donald Trump. It didn’t take long for the University to fire him.
  • A man with an airboat was recently spotted helping victims of the flood evacuate. The problem? A confederate flag was hanging from the boat. A former Clinton staffer took to twitter to express her outrage over the flag, and claimed that if he had rescued her, she would have torn it down and thrown it in the water.
  • Rather than simply report on the events surrounding Hurricane Harvey, the media has been quick to blame this storm on climate change and oil companies. They just can’t waste any opportunity to shoehorn climate change into disastrous events.
  • The Women’s March twitter account provided some racially-tinged advice for anyone who wanted to donate money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The organization tweeted a “list of orgs working to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx & other communities safe after Hurricane Harvey.” What were they trying to imply? That most charity organizations are only going to help white people? Either way, the twitter account was hammered with negative comments that accused them of being racist.
  • Perhaps it’s not a surprise that leftist ideologue and sharia law apologist Linda Sarsour helped organize the Women’s March earlier this year, because she also used this tragedy to push her agenda. Rather then just telling her supporters to donate money to organizations that are strictly dedicated to helping relief efforts in Texas, she told them to donate to leftist political organizations. No explanation was given for how all of the money would be spent.
  • The world delivered so much sympathy to the Charlie Hebdo magazine after their headquarters was attacked by terrorists several years ago. But when it came time for the admittedly leftist magazine to offer sympathy to disaster victims in our country, they went a different route. The newest cover of their magazine is an image of “drowning limbs saluting Nazi flags.” The title reads “God exists. He drowned all the neo-Nazis of Texas.” Because as we all know, the dozens of people who have died as a result of flooding are nothing but a bunch of racist skinheads.

Once again the far-left has shown its true colors. They have no respect for humanity or the victims of a tragedy. Not unless it affects the minorities that they love to pander to. To them, everything is political, and every tragedy is an opportunity to push their agenda.