Sam Di Gangi

Perhaps great apologies should be given before the news that is to be covered from University of Washington atmospheric scientist Cliff Mass is even begun. After all, snowflakes will melt, social justice warriors will erupt in fury, and climate change cultists who think that man is warming the planet are all about to get a dose of reality. Reality to an SJW is like holy water to Pazuzu.

The Daily Caller reports that Cliff Mass studied the Texas hurricane as the data came in and, just as many have long known, there is no human cause that made ol’ Harvey any worse. “And the results are clear: human-induced global warming played an inconsequential role in this disaster,” the weather expert wrote in a blog post. Liberals are utterly stunned.

Both the New York Times and fake news masters CNN published stories suggesting that Average Joe struck again, this time by driving his SUV, and caused trillions of gallons of water to fall on America’s third largest city.

Climate Scientist Michael Mann made up data out of whole cloth and said that rising sea levels led to the disaster and “climate scientist Kevin Trenberth suggested that 30 percent of the rain Harvey dumped over Texas could be attributed to human activities.”

The only problems with those lines of thought are that they are 100% wrong and there is data existing that totally debunk such claims.

Sticking with real, provable science, Mass shows that “They are using hand-waving arguments to push an agenda, which observations, theory, and modeling show to be incorrect. Global warming is a serious issue and mankind must deal with it, but hype and exaggeration of the current effects is counterproductive in the long term.”

Mass took the time to look at “claims that warmer than normal Gulf of Mexico temperatures allowed Harvey to dump more rain over Texas and Louisiana” and that this led to more severe flooding. He found that temperatures in the weeks leading up to Harvey’s wrath were normal and that any prior warming was “modest” and likely had no effect.

“So Hurricane Harvey developed in an environment in which temperatures were near normal in the atmosphere and slightly above normal in the Gulf,” said the scientist. “The clear implication: global warming could not have contributed very much to the storm.”

The Caller reports that “a slightly downward trend over the past 50 years, suggesting that global warming isn’t playing much of a role in the region’s rainfall,” as a matter of fact.

Mass spoke the truth when he wrote, “There is no evidence that global warming is influencing Texas coastal precipitation in the long term and little evidence that warmer than normal temperatures had any real impact on the precipitation intensity from this storm.”

The University of Washington expert also tackled the claim “that global warming caused the storm to stall over land.” Since there was no warming to speak of, one can see where this was going to go.

Politico quoted climate scientist and writer Eric Holthaus who rang the alarm saying, “[w]eather patterns are also getting ‘stuck’ more often, boosting the chances that a storm like Harvey would stall out” as he cited “studies suggesting that melting Arctic sea ice weakened the jet stream.”

Once again, REAL science proves that notion wrong. “Quite honestly, none of this is supported by observations or models,” shows Mass as he displays “measurements showing no trend in Gulf zonal winds over the past 50 years.”

The facts show that “The bottom line in this analysis is that both observations of the past decades and models looking forward to the future do not suggest that one can explain the heavy rains of Harvey by global warming, and folks that are suggesting it are poorly informing the public and decision makers,” Mass concludes.

And just like that, the entire lie from the leftist cultists in the global warming crowd is laid to rest. Now if only their constant whining, taxing, and trying to dictate what car we can drive would end, we would be all set.