Danny Abarno

The Trump Administration has been making huge strides in terms of internal policy that is sure to make his voter base happy. Trump has already done a number of things that fit in line with his agenda since becoming president such as killing the TPP, the removal of Planned Parenthood receiving federal funds, as well as causing manufacturers and investors to put their faith in the United States. Now Trump has taken another huge step forward as he moves to require proof of work to those who wish to receive welfare.

This massive step forward in the right direction shows that Trump truly wants to help Americans in the best ways possible. There is no doubt that Democrats and leftists will cry and moan about how it is a human right to demand money from other citizens in order to live without working. These are the same leftists and Democrats who demand a $15 minimum wage and are shocked to find out that robots can do their work for them. The best way to get somebody off of welfare and back on their feet is to give the confidence needed to succeed in the United States. The best way to do that is to require an individual gain employment so that they can earn their income and provide for themselves and family.

The reason that this is a big deal is because in 2012, the Obama administration allowed states to opt out of requiring proof of work for those applying to get welfare. This means that it was no longer required by federal and state governments to demand that a welfare recipient was working or looking for work, they could just have money no matter what.
This is run by a government organization that has real employees who have biases that could lead to more favorable outcomes for those who either knew the bureaucrats or at least jumped through the right hoops. This means that favoritism or illegal approvals, or disapprovals, were made by biased employees with ulterior motives. Welfare abuse has grown rampant in the country while the middle class continues to struggle, perhaps it has something to do with government employees in charge of the welfare offices?

It has been known for sometime that Democrats have targeted poor people in attempts to gain voters or support. They have done this for years by making absurd promises and projections in order to gain wide-eyed hopefuls who dream of the government taking care of them. This kind of targeting and manipulation occurs across the country as entitlement offices become key recruiting stations for Democrats hoping to muscle some votes out of desperate people.
The kind of manipulation that comes from Democrats is nothing but demagogic language that has no substance.  Democrats like Bernie Sanders promise a socialist paradise with free college and free lunches with no real world way of budgeting that or paying for it.  Socialists’ answers to everything is to raise taxes on the middle class while promising the world to poor voters.

Welfare recipients are also known to be key activists or organizers in key liberal organizations as they are ideal activists because they’ll work for quick cash as well as make ideal protesters on days when most are busy working. The lack of oversight over the entire entitlement sector of the government needs to be investigated and verified that the system works to get people off of welfare, not keep them on it.

Not having to work while receiving welfare is not only degrading one’s self esteem but also insulting to hard working Americans. These taxpayers front the bill for many in the country in order to promote brotherhood across the nation and ensure that other Americans will be there for you if financial trouble comes your way.

In theory, it is one of the greatest and most admirable attempts at humanity that a government has ever made and yet in reality it is often abused and politicized, making it difficult to justify. There are many reports of welfare fraud across the country involving recipients, stores, and even the workers who approve the payments. By having to require proof of work, Trump has shown that he is not trying to earn voters but get Americans back on their feet.