(True Activist)  Water covers around 70% of the earth’s surface and makes up the majority of our physical body, yet how much do we actually know about water? It appears not as much as we would think, and in this talk, Marcia Barbosa discusses the many anomalies of water.

Towards the end of the video, Marcia dives into a potential solution for freshwater shortages and how we can use the laws of physics to manipulate salt water with nanotubes to create fresh, clean drinking water.

Marcia Barbosa has a Ph.D. in physics from Brazil’s Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, where she is now the director of its Physics Institute. She studies the complex structure of the water molecule and has developed a series of models of its properties which may contribute to our understanding of how earthquakes occur, how proteins fold and could play an important role in generating cleaner energy and treating diseases.

She is actively involved in promoting Women in Physics and was named the 2013 L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards Laureate for Latin America.