Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has used his social media account to assail and criticize President Trump since before the election. But when he tried to slam Trump for reports that he was going to shut down the “DREAM act” amnesty, he got immediate blowback himself.

His missive tagged the account of the U.S. president, saying, “you’re killing the real American dream! DACA is fundamental for a successful America, what’s the point of ending it?”

Trump made it a campaign promise to end DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, but he has since hinted that he might leave it in place. Sunday a report from Politico indicated that the president was considering rescinding the policy, but only after six months in order to give Congress a chance to pass legislation and solidify it in the law.

Many on social media took Fox to task for saying that the amnesty program instituted by former President Obama was “fundamental” for the success of America.

“Failed Mexican presidents are always the leading experts on what’s the real American dream,” tweeted sarcastically an editor for the Daily Caller.

“The people of Mexico deserve a competent, honest government that doesn’t force it’s people to flee for a better future,” responded Terry Schappert. “Work on that, maybe.”