(Breitbart) Even before Hurricane Harvey waylaid southeast Texas, the idea was to write this piece, to offer some perspective on the difference between our corrupt media’s relentless portrayal of a hopelessly divided America, and a little something known as Reality.

Hurricane Harvey Houston photo

Photo by J. Daniel Escareño (CC)

Having spent 6 weeks (during 3 separate trips) on the road this summer, having spent time in about 10 different states, my own experience outside the media-fabricated bubble was an eye opener. Then the terrible devastation of Harvey came along and, I hope, broke the media’s wicked spell across the fruited plain.

You need not live in Manhattan or DC to bubble yourself, and by extension, be hoodwinked by a media and Left desperate to crack our union in two. The only requirement is a news addiction fed by the establishment media. If that toxin is your primary portal to the outside world, you are being misled. And I say this not from On High, but from experience.

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Through this media portal, we are always portrayed as being at each other’s throats. And not just along political lines, which is not a terrible thing if you believe debate is good for democracy, but along toxified racial, gender, age, region, and lifestyle lines…

And then Houston happened; good heavens, what a great country we are, what a great people we are. The very people who are ordered by the media to hate one another — blacks, Hispanics, whites, southerners, — instead helped, rescued, saved, consoled and soothed one another. From out of state, the Deplorables came, flying the flag of the Cajun Army, volunteering to risk their own lives to save a city that is much more black and Hispanic than not.

What we are seeing in Houston is not the exception…

What we are seeing in Houston is who we are, is America…

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