CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Tuesday told NBC “Late Night” host Seth Myers the story of how Sean Hannity tried to get his social media followers to attack Tapper on Twitter and how it didn’t end up as the Fox News host intended.

“That was so weird, yeah,” Tapper began, “so I was at home, my wife and my kids were away—”

“And before she left, was she like, ‘Don’t get in a media feud’?” Myers joked. “We’re gonna leave you alone, don’t get into a Twitter war!”

“That’s constantly what she says to me,” Tapper responded, “every hour of the day, just to make sure I don’t.”

“So anyway, I’m reading Twitter before I go to bed,” Tapper continued, “and oh my God, Sean Hannity has apparently told his viewers, not just his Twitter followers, but his viewers, to go onto Twitter, and tell me what they think of me.”

“I’m like, ‘oh my God, I should just put it away,’”he said. “But it ended up, being completely different from what I thought it was going to be.”

“People were very positive!” Myers interjected.

“It was like a thousand to one,” Tapper responded. “It was all these tweets like, ‘Jake Tapper, Sean Hannity wants me to tell you what I think, I think he’s a hack, and I think you’re the best.’”

Myers held up a particular tweet from the fiasco that read, “Some people like Beyonce. I like [Jake Tapper]. Take that Hannity,” and added a hashtag saying “Jake Tapper is my Beyonce.”

“Yeah so it didn’t work out the way I guess Mr. Hannity intended.”

In the feud from July, Hannity told his viewers, “You can call out fake news right at the source,” and told them to tweet at Tapper.

Tapper also criticized the president in the “Late Night” segment, saying that he didn’t believe President Donald Trump realized the consequences of the campaign promises he made about ending the DACA amnesty program. He also admitted that former President Barack Obama’s act in instituting DACA was constitutionally dubious.

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