President Trump’s decision about DACA has been definitely one of his most controversial moves over the last few months, and liberals have decided to exploit the situation and turn it into a political circus where everyone will execute the most disgusting display of demagoguery. Naturally, MSNBC was one of the media outlets who better represented this issue, and tried to get a favorable answer after asking Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein if DACA was legal. However, she told what most people know, but just a few acknowledge.

During an appearance on the liberal news network with Chuck Todd on Tuesday, Feinstein offered a little bit of prodding before admitting that far from being rock solid, DACA is actually on “shaky legal ground.”

The Democratic Senator explained that DACA was nothing more than an executive order, and the fact that there are ten attorneys general that are completely prepared to sue. Furthermore, she told that the main point was that DACA was here and America has 800,000 young people.

After saying this, Todd cut in to ask if these remarks indicate that DACA is on a shaky legal ground. Lamentably for the narrative that MSNBC tried to push on this issue, Feinstein told that it was right. However, knowing the damage of that remark, she added that was the main reason why they need to pass a law.

On Tuesday, President Trump announced an end to the Obama’s program that granted work permits to illegal immigrants who arrived to the United States illegally with their parents or guardians.

Naturally, there was a lot of anger among the left over this decision, to the point where several people decided to protest against Trump’s move. In fact, some of the people that benefit from DACA also showed their opposition in Sanctuary cities, knowing that nothing would happen to them in these locations.

Although many liberals are protesting because of Trump’s action against DACA, legal analysts have explained on several opportunities why the program is completely illegal, being the main reason why its end represents the inevitable outcome.

One of the ways DACA was completely illegal was because it violated the constitutional obligation of the executive to take that the laws are totally executed. Another clear way was that it violated federal statutes that require initiation of removal proceedings.

Another way that legal analysts assured that this program was completely illegal was because of the fact it conferred a benefit without promulgating any rule. In addition, this program conferred amnesty and federal benefits under the false pretense of “Prosecutorial Discretion,” which is completely unconstitutional.

Given all these facts, it was impossible for the Democratic Senator to ignore that the program was never legally solid to begin with. Of course, while she tried to dodge the constitutional issue about DACA, she had to make clear that its legal ground was extremely weak.

Nevertheless, considering the times America is living in, it was actually quite honorable for Feinstein to acknowledge this point, considering there are other Democratic Senators that far from recognizing the unconstitutional problems about the program, are actually ignoring it.

Lamentably, the Democratic Party has decided to take the radical path in order to fight against President Trump in the most effective way for them, considering that its popularity is facing one of the worst moments in their history.

This way, seeing some of its members blatantly lying about certain issues or ignoring significant elements so it wouldn’t hurt their narrative against the President, represents the new era of a party that is endorsing extremists positions.

However, there are some little exceptions and Diane Feinstein seem to be one of these. However, in a time where reality is the worst enemy of liberals, people like her are not exactly popular among the base, who have shown their love for leftists like Bernie Sanders, who almost became the candidate of the Democrats in the 2016 presidential election.

In fact, this is not the first time Feinstein make some politically incorrect comments on the Democratic base, since a week ago she said that President Trump could be a really good president for the United States.

These comments were made during a sold-out Herbst Theater interview in San Francisco, while being onstage with Ellen Tauscher, a former Bay Area congresswoman. As you could imagine, these remarks were not exactly well-received among the crowd.