One of the biggest acts that President Donald Trump has made during his short tenure was his Executive Order to limit refugees that are coming over. Citing security risks, Trump’s main goal is to make sure the country is safe. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that as it was dealt a significant blow from the Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals.

The Ninth Circuit has reportedly ruled against Trump’s revised travel ban. The revision, which would allow immediate family members from six Muslim-majority countries to be allowed in, didn’t allow grandparents. Liberals challenged this decision.

The Daily Caller, the Associated Press, and Reuters are all reporting on the decision.

According to the Associated Press, “US appeals court rejects Trump administration’s limited view of who is allowed into the country under travel ban.” Reuters followed a similar pattern, “U.S. appeals court rules against President Donald Trump over scope of travel ban.”

The full opinion of the court can be read here.

It’s not surprising that the Ninth Circuit is the one to rule on this. They have consistently done whatever they could to stop Trump’s orders.