Source: Daily Mail


Kaci Smith has become a mother’s worst nightmare. The 11-year-old went from a normal preteen girl to a bedridden patient who can’t eat, speak, or even go to the bathroom. Possibly the worst part is that doctors are baffled and have absolutely no idea what is wrong with her.

Emily Smith, Kaci’s mom believes that she remembers seeing what could have been symptoms of this as far back as October of 2016. Around then, Kaci’s hearing began deteriorating and so did her behavior. However, it wasn’t until February when everything collapsed.

The young girl began slurring her speech then. 72 hours later she could not speak at all. She hasn’t said a word since. Her mother states;


“Since February she has lost everything. She can’t read, she can’t write, she can’t walk or go to the toilet. She is back in pads. She literally can’t do anything on her own. She can’t use a knife or a fork. She doesn’t eat. She can’t play with anything. If you give her something she gets aggressive. It’s frightening for her and it’s frightening all of us.”

Doctors are unable to discover the cause of all this. Now Kaci needs to go see specialists at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital but the wait list is six months long. Her parents are terrified because they have no idea if she will continue to get worse.

“It’s no quality of life for anyone. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Watching her melt away and missing life, I’m not sure how much more we can take. Everyone is devastated. I have wished so many times that it happened to me instead of her.”


The family is trying to raise money to get Kaci private treatment in the hopes of getting a diagnosis more quickly. Mrs. Smith has said “I do accept that we are lucky to have the NHS [public health services] but it seems like it’s taking ages. She is getting worse. Two weeks ago could choose what she wanted and now that has gone. Even if it was something sinister I would rather know.”