A Texas attorney has protected, then fully deleted his Twitter account after tweeting he would “be ok” if U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos “was sexually assaulted.”

Robert Ranco, a partner of the Carlson Law Firm who specializes in civil rights law, apparently disagrees with DeVos’s decision to scrap the Obama administration’s heavy-handed Title IX policy that forced colleges and universities to conduct “kangaroo courts” in dealing with accusations of sexual assault.

The Washington Times reports on Ranco’s tweets before the attorney protected his Twitter account:

Rob Ranco, a partner at the Carlson Law Firm, suggested Mrs. DeVos does not fully grasp how serious of a crime rape is, and that she might come to a different policy conclusion if she did.

“I’m not wishing for it… but I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted,” Mr. Ranco said in a tweet on Friday evening.

“Perhaps Betsy doesn’t understand how horrible rape is,” Mr. Ranco said in another tweet. “She’s made the world more dangerous for my daughters. I need her to understand.”

“Make the world more dangerous for my daughters — intentionally — and your well being is not my concern,” he continued. “Full stop.”

Mr. Ranco cut off access to his Twitter account sometime early on Saturday morning when the tweets drew significant criticism.