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A Utah teacher is on administrative leave while school administrators investigate a controversial questionnaire she assigned asking the teens about their criminal and sexual histories, according to our affiliate KUTV.

Heather Miller’s 16-year-old daughter came home with the assignment for her college-concurrent Adult Roles class at Roy High School last week. Mills was shocked, and posted the questionnaire on Facebook, where it went viral.

“She went through the questions and I was in shock,” Miller said. “She said ‘I’m really upset’ and I said ‘why’ and she said ‘because apparently I’m hopeless and condemned.'”

The most offensive questions Miller read were related to abortions, drug use and sexuality. She was also disgusted to see each of the 30 questions had a point system to evaluate the student on a scale from “nerd” to “hopeless and condemned.”

District spokesperson Lane Findlay said these questions are inappropriate.

“It’s a very serious matter,” he said. “There are specific state laws with FERPA and board and district policy that prohibits asking students about sexual preferences, behaviors, attitudes.”

He said the veteran teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave. He did not know how long she had been using the questionnaire in her Adult Roles and Financial Literacy course.

“Occasionally we do make mistakes,” Findlay said. “And if we do, we’ll own those and do whatever we need to correct those.”

Miller was happy to learn the district opened an investigation, but was concerned about the lasting damage the questionnaire might have already had on vulnerable teens.

“She felt like she was judged. So I was really, really concerned about other kids,” she said.