Ten minutes seems like a very short amount of time. You might even think not much can happen in that little of time, but a shocking case out of the UK shows us just how much can happen. A mother in Rochdale, Greater Manchester asked a family friend to watch her 2-year-old daughter for a short time. In just ten minutes, the Muslim man returned to drop off the little girl with life altering injuries. Although the baby was only in the care of Nisar Ali for 10 minutes, the damage he did to the little girl will last a lifetime.

The little girl was an average toddler before this day in January. Ali was a trusted family friend and was left to babysit for mere minutes. Somehow over the course of the first few minutes of watching the toddler, Ali became enraged enough to snap. He beat the girl with enough force that doctors described her injuries as being similar to someone being in a car crash at 70 miles per hour.

After delivering over 30 injuries to the tiny girl, Ali returned her to her house. She collapsed at home and was rushed to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. The first things they did, there was removed part of her badly battered skulls to relieve swelling in the brain.

Although Ali is a father of two children himself, it appears he flew into a rage while caring for this little girl. He was given the girl to watch at a local park but ended up taking her to the home of his parents. This is where police suspect the beating took place. Police described the level of violence in this case as:

“…a ferocious assault on a defenceless two year old child. You have a short temper, you don’t tolerate independence of mind, you have strict ideas about how children should be brought up.
The child suffered 30 deliberate injuries, three were life threatening head injuries, a fractured skull, the force required would be consistent with a fall from a second story building. She was also shaken so badly her injuries were equivalent to a car accident at 70mph.
She became immediately unwell, in an act of cold calculation and self preservation you chose not to tell her mother, you drove her back and left her there. When the mother became aware that she was making groaning noises you pretended not to know why.”

Not only did the child receive a horrible beating in that short ten minutes, but Ali somehow was able to regain enough composure to hide the crime from the child’s mother. He made a quick exit from the child’s home as the mother heard the child’s distress.

The child’s parents are divorced, so the father was notified of the injuries after the child arrived at the hospital. According to the father, the injuries were extremely traumatic. The father shared a chilling account:

“My daughter was lying there lifeless I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked at the bruise on her right forehead. I had to leave early because it was snowing. The nurse said she was very critical and by the time I came back she might not be here.
Seeing her like that was heartbreaking, I made myself strong for my daughter. Her sister has been mentally traumatised and asks when she will be normal. She has done better than expected but will still need to wear a helmet she can’t see in one eye and can’t move her left arm.
My daughter will never be the same, the actions of this one inhumane person has caused my daughter her future. I will do my best to give to her what’s been selfishly taken from her. Mr Ali will be out of prison one day but my daughter still needs a head operation. No sentence can justify what’s happened regardless of the length.”

The child was injured in January 2017 with the court handing down a sentence for Ali this month. Although he still denies hurting the child, the court found enough evidence to convict him. He showed no remorse or concern for the child. Ali is to serve a prison term of 14 years. The child will live with her injuries for a lifetime.