22 injured, terrorist still on the run; Yeah but what about those tweets!

| Infowars.com

In an entirely predictable reaction, leftists expressed more outrage over Donald Trump’s tweets about the London terror attack than the actual attack itself.

Victims with horrific burns, terrorist still on the run. Yeah, but those Trump tweets are the real outrage.

MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin seemed more upset over Trump describing the terrorist as a “loser” than anything else.

Romper’s Samantha Darby wrote that Trump’s response to the terror attack “relies on Islamophobia yet again,” despite the fact that Trump didn’t even mention Islam or Muslims in any of his tweets.

Journalist Jo Yurcaba followed suit, tweeting, “It was clear before that Trump relies on Islamophobia to gain support for his policies, but this morning’s London tweets confirm that.”

Again, Trump didn’t even mention Islam in any of his tweets.

Journalists and other members of the political class were more irate at Trump for tweeting that previous terrorists “were in the sights of Scotland Yard,” erroneously claiming that Trump was jeopardizing a terror investigation by referring to the terrorist involved in today’s attack – he wasn’t – he was talking about terrorists in general, but that didn’t prevent the butt-hurt.

In reality, Trump, as leader of the free world, was responding to a terror attack in a major ally country. The only person in this instance hijacking the incident for a political agenda was Clymer himself – to advance his anti-Trump hysteria.

If you’re more outraged about Trump’s tweets than actual Islamic terror attacks, you’re part of the problem. Time to get off Twitter and take a long look in the mirror.