(ANTIMEDIA) Cleveland, OH — A Cleveland mother took justice into her own hands after she saw her 31-year-old boyfriend attempting to sexually assault her 12-year-old daughter, Cleveland.com reported this week, citing a police report detailing the incident.

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According to a police report the outlet viewed, the unnamed woman says she was on her way to bed when she saw her naked boyfriend, Troy Parks, on top of her daughter. In a fit of rage, the mother reportedly used a pocket knife to stab the man five times in the chest and once in the back of the head. He was treated at the MetroHealth medical center.

The pair struggled over the knife as they fought, the report says. The man grabbed the woman by the neck, threw her against the wall, and later kicked down the front door after she pushed him outside,” the local outlet summarized.

Police arrived at the scene early Tuesday morning, around 2:30 am after the mother ran outside to scream for help, ultimately calling law enforcement and openly admitting she stabbed him. Cleveland.com notes the police report said the woman told police “her boyfriend tried touching her daughter and she stabbed him.”

The woman is not the only parent to take matters into their own hands when their children are under attack. Last year, an Alabama man was sentenced to forty years in prison for shooting a man who raped his daughter when she was a child. In another instance, a Texas man was not charged for killing a man he caught molesting his five-year-old daughter after both investigators and a jury concluded he was authorized to use deadly force. The cases vary in that the former act of vigilante justice was committed after the fact while the latter occurred while the crime was occurring.

In the recent Cleveland case, however, the perpetrator survived, and as of Friday afternoon, the mother had not been charged with any crimes.

Parks told police that “his girlfriend may have attacked him because she thought her 12-year-old daughter had feelings for him, but he would not offer further details about the incident, the report says.

The woman’s daughter reportedly told police investigators in an interview that “the man touched her under her clothing, removed her pants and took his clothes off as well, the report says.”

This is what it is like in the real world when you have a boyfriend,” she said he told her before sexually assaulting her. She reportedly told police he had violated her before.

The man has been charged with the felonies of “rape and gross sexual imposition” and is being held on a high bond over fears of retaliation against the victim and her family, court records say.