John Hayward

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Trump and Breitbart News National Security editor, appeared on Breitbart News Saturday to discuss the state of immigration reform and offer a bold prediction that President Trump will soon fire a number of top advisers who have not served him well on national security issues.

“Look, Matt, you know better than anyone that the President of the United States founded his presidential campaign on the question of illegal migration and the wall,” Dr. Gorka told SiriusXM host Matt Boyle. “It’s not an accident that Sen. Sessions was the first politician to endorse him, as Sen. Sessions was The Man when it came to stopping illegal migration.”

“The idea that suddenly that he’s now president he’s going to undermine the platform – the key platform, upon which his whole campaign was built and which propelled him into the White House – is, of course, bogus,” Gorka said confidently.

“We know people like Chuckie, we know that Nanny Pelosi, as soon as they think that they’re getting something out of the president, they’re going to blurt it out. They’re going to tweet it out. It’s just fake news,” he declared.

“The bottom line is, the president said it; he said it last week. He cut the Gordian knot. It was a Solomonic decision. He said DACA is unconstitutional. A president cannot legislate from the Oval Office. And that’s when he told his now-Attorney General Sessions to make a statement: DACA is over,” he said.

“Nevertheless, he’s a kind-hearted man. You spent many, many hours with him. You know how kind-hearted Donald Trump is,” Gorka reminded Boyle.

“He knows that criminals go to prison when you’ve caught the bad guys. We’re not going to give amnesty to gang-bangers from MS-13. But there are kids, or there were kids, who came here through no fault of their own, who will not be punished by deportation. I expect some kind of work permit system or something like that to be put in place,” he predicted.

“He’s told Congress, ‘Work with me.’ And the biggest part of this story – you know it, Matt, the biggest part – the president, after seven months of nothing from the GOP, has said, ‘Hey, guys, I’ve got an agenda. You don’t want to help me. There are other people I’m going to work with.’ And look at what’s happening: whether it’s Congressman Dent or it’s potential primaries, he’s sending a message to the GOP establishment,” Gorka said.

Boyle proposed that while the mainstream media narrative has Trump swinging left under the influence of the GOP establishment, primary races around the country tell a different story, as populist conservatives who support Trump’s Make America Great Again platform are on the rise.

“It seems like establishment Republicans are being put on notice that they either need to deliver or that there are other ways to do business,” Boyle hypothesized.

“Look, I’ve said this publicly, and I’ll say it again on your show: the president was only accidentally the GOP candidate,” Gorka responded. “He has nothing to do with the swamp. Let’s remember, it’s the first time in American history that someone who hasn’t served as a general or an admiral, or who was not a prior politician, became the president. That’s what happened.”

“This is the anti-establishment candidate. He’s not a member of the swamp. And if the GOP thinks that they won last November the 8th, they will be very unpleasantly surprised – not just in next year’s elections, but in the numerous primaries that will occur,” Gorka warned.

“Because Donald Trump, like Brexit, is a very simple signal: Enough with politics as business as usual. Enough with the professional political class. You are not there to serve yourselves. You are there to serve the American people. We’ve seen an attitude for twenty years-plus where somebody is elected to represent the American people, they get to D.C., and they think they are smarter than the people who elected them, and that they don’t have to keep their promises. That ended on January the 20th at 12:01,” he declared.

Gorka said the border wall project would not be derailed by quibbling over how much of it consists of traditional barriers and fences.

“If you look at the geography of the United States, we will not be building a wall across the whole southern expanse because in some places, you physically can’t build a wall,” he noted. “However, the government is already prototyping the designs of walls that will be used where a wall is relevant. Sometimes, it’s going to be a fence. Sometimes, it’s going to be another kind of barrier,” he said.

“ Look, you can take this to the bank: the president will be building an impenetrable barrier across the southern border because he built his presidential campaign on that,” Gorka promised. “How it’s going to look, what color it’s going to be, how tall it’s going to be – that is a matter for the professionals to decide, but we have to seal the southern border, and the president knows it.”

Boyle pointed out that another major Trump campaign promise involved ending foreign military interventions such as Afghanistan, but he recently felt compelled to order a troop surge instead. He quoted Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) advising Trump to follow his instincts and return to his campaign position, rather than listening to interventionist advice from some elements of his national security staff.

“I am not a fan of isolationist libertarianism,” Gorka replied. “It didn’t work in 1941, and it didn’t work in 2001, September the 11th. But in this case the senator is right: the president is a supernaturally instinctual actor.”

“I saw him do this. We had at least half-a-dozen meetings at the National Security Council on Afghanistan, and in every single meeting until the recent one, after Steve and myself left the building, the president had the right instincts,” Gorka recalled, referring to both his departure from the White House and that of Breitbart News Executive Editor Steve Bannon.

“He said, ‘Why should we care? What are you talking about when it comes to descriptions of a federal government function in Afghanistan?’ He would point out from history – you remember how they called Ronald Reagan a dunce when the guy had been giving lectures on conservatism for the past 20 years? The president is lecturing the National Security Council, President Trump, on ‘Well, you know, Alexander the Great couldn’t do it, the British couldn’t do it, and the Soviets couldn’t do it, so now we’re going to construct a federal Afghanistan?’” Gorka recalled.

“He knows his history. I think, unfortunately, he is being pressured to follow 16 years of conventional thinking – but I have predicted already, since I left the White House, changes will be made at the highest level soon, probably before Christmas –  because the president will realize, sooner or later, that he is not being well-served by the people that are left inside the building,” he said.

“Remember one thing: almost every single senior personnel decision or action since January the 20th, when it wasn’t a resignation like myself or Steve Bannon, every other single person who was fired was fired not by the president, but by somebody who works for the president. I predict that the president will be getting rid of people soon. I look forward to that moment,” he said with relish.

Gorka said Fox News host Tucker Carlson, not known as a tremendous fan of Steve Bannon or Breitbart News, was correct when he said, “Whatever you think about Steve Bannon, he would not have been at home in a Clinton White House.”

“Which is absolutely true,” Gorka laughed. “He wouldn’t have stepped into, or been allowed into, a Clinton White House. But right now we have numerous members at the highest levels of the new administration who not only would have been at home in a Clinton White House, but would have been Cabinet members in a Clinton White House.”

“That is wrong. That’s not MAGA, and that’s going to change. That’s my prediction, Matt,” Gorka firmly declared.