President Donald Trump was accused of breaking child labor laws on Friday after the White House let an 11-year-old Virginia boy assist in cutting the White House lawn.

Who is the kid?

Young Frank Giaccio sent Trump a letter earlier this year offering his lawn care services. Giaccio told Trump he started his own lawn care business and would even work on the White House’s lawn for free.

Frank became somewhat of an internet sensation on Friday after he was pictured with Trump.

Frank even did multiple interviews with major media outlets like Fox News and CNN. He also talked to the media in the White House press briefing room.

Why the accusations

Frank’s story went viral Friday, mostly because it was a super cool, feel good story. With all of the negative news in the press these days, who doesn’t love a story about a young boy wanting to cut the White House lawn — and then actually getting to do so?

But not everyone was enthusiastic about Frank’ endeavors: