The United States has made it clear that Central American drug cartels are no longer going to be welcome within the states. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it clear many times that they are going to do battle for immigration in the courts to make sure the laws stay while ground forces sought to eradicate the dangerous gangs holding so many communities hostage. The latest news surrounding the hunt for dangerous cartel members has come out stating that after a long and strenuous international investigation, 53 members of the notorious MS-13 gang were apprehended.

This news is amazing because the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions and the rest of the agencies associated with stopping illegal immigration and dangerous cartels have been working non-stop to secure our nation and our freedoms.

Cooperation between domestic and international agencies allowed for an efficient investigation to take place which resulted in a massive victory for American and El Salvadorian agencies. The cooperation taking place on the international level means that it is only going to get harder for criminals to try and take advantage of poor communities and trafficking drugs.

The 18-month-long investigation and bust was successful thanks to the combined forces of the United States and El Salvador. The Central American nation has had its hand full in the past when dealing with these vicious thugs but because American agencies have been reformed under the new administration, the two nations can now combat the cartel members effectively and quickly.

Both nations have made it clear that the gang of MS-13 is going to be destroyed, this is not an empty threat either as both ground forces and agents in courts have been working tirelessly to combat illegal immigration and the gang activity that follows.

The raid managed to focus in on a particular sub cartel within the MS-13 networks, the Stoners Locos. This gang works as a part of the greater cartel and has been known to produce heavily in the industries of drugs, violent assaults, weapons, and human trafficking as well.

This bust in particular targeted the street gang Stoners Locos and authorities were able to confiscate nearly $100,000 in cash, hundreds of cell phones, dozens of vehicles, and around 3 dozen business fronts. The amount of those arrested as well as the high value from the merchandise collected to serve as a warning to others associated with organized criminal activity that coordinated and precise investigations are going to take place to put the criminals away.

An unfortunate reality is that many of these dangerous cartels are so interwoven into the fabric of the daily lives of so many Americans, that rooting them out has proven to be difficult in the past.  These are hardened and extremely dangerous criminals with everything to lose if they are caught and so approaching them makes them that much more scary because agents have no idea if they will cooperate peacefully or violently.

The culture associated with these cartels is designed to resemble a family because it attracts and exploits youths who are lured in with drugs, money, or acceptance.  The notion that one should respect or admire gang members is a dangerous ideology to follow because there are so many disenfranchised individuals out there and many ruthless criminals looking to exploit them.


The need for a wall on the southern border is dire as the number of dangerous criminals and drugs that cross the border are beyond count. So many nations around the globe have found that walls are proving to be more and more effective everyday as the physical barriers prevent anyone from crossing.

Hungary has used their army to protect their borders from the hundreds of thousands of migrants that are attempting to gain access to the Central European Country. Israel’s wall is also proving to be extremely effective as they have boasted that illegal immigration is down 100% after they constructed their border wall near their border with Egypt. Even Mexico’s southern border is protected by a physical barrier that is supposed to deter any immigrants from trying to enter the country illegally.

The United States needs to make it clear to those who will break the law that it will not be tolerated. To those who enter the country illegally and commit crimes against Americans you have been warned to stay away.

Gang members and cartel leaders must also take note that America will no longer allow itself to be poisoned from the South while drugs and criminals make their way into family communities and schools. Donald Trump and his cabinet member Jeff Sessions have made it perfectly clear to those who do not get the idea, do not come to the United States because you will be caught and you will be deported.