Source: U.S. News and World Report

The media was so busy watching failed candidate Hillary Clinton speak that it seems that they neglected to listen to Donald Trump, the man who ultimately won. If they had paid attention, they would have learned that Trump often talked about the need to walk away from the bargaining table and return only when the needs are met that caused the departure. He promised amazing deals but he never promised them on the first attempt, quite the contrary.

Just the same, as Democrats, social justice warriors, and other liberals in the media condemned the White House and called America’s leader incompetent, the Commander in Chief scored the exact deal that he wanted with China even though they refused and complained about it for months, U.S. News and World Report confirm. China just agreed “to strictly implement United Nations sanctions against North Korea,” an action which puts the last nail in Kim Jong-un’s economic coffin just as things are at the breaking point.

Chinese banks have long been looked at with disdain by the world community because they have been supporting the evil dictatorship of the DPRK and their child molesting leader.

Now China has, at last, agreed to stop loans to new customers in North Korea and to “wind down” such dealings with existing patrons. The U.N. told the Chinese in no uncertain terms that they were to refrain from doing business with the Hermit Kingdom or face “economic losses and reputational risks if they did not do so.”

Where is the media who called Trump such terrible names when it comes to admitting that they are wrong?

Where are the feminists to come and say what a wonderful job the president’s choice of Nikki Haley did under unimaginable pressure?

The  U.N. document with the warning enclosed, which China received on Monday, said, “At present, management of North Korea-related business has become an issue of national-level politics and national security,” according to those who have seen it.

This shows that Trump got the entire U.N. on board with his ideas and plans, something else that the outspoken politician said that he could achieve.

What the United States has accomplished here is every bit as beneficial as when America’s leader made Kim Jong-un back down on his promises to attack Guam, another Trump victory that got little fanfare.

The White House is celebrating win after win and sadly, most of America is not even hearing about it.